Realistic Poetry International Presents the Best Poem of 2019 Poetry Contest

Don't miss your chance to win $500.00 cash!  

You are invited to submit your best poetry for this year's Best Poem of 2019 Contest! 

Guidelines & Rules



  1. Submit your favorite poems for your chance to win $500.00 cash!!!

  2. First Place Winner will receive $500.00 cash!

  3. First place winner will receive an exclusive Realistic Poetry Freedom Medal, a certificate of recognition, and a gold trophy. 

  4. We will share your words with our entire social media of over 100,000 followers if you are selected as the winner to help you gain recognition and new followers.

  5. Members and non-members are invited to participate in this contest.

  6. Early submissions strongly suggested. 

  7. Multiple entries are strongly suggested.

  8. All poems will be accepted into this contest.

  9. We accept all languages.

  10. Worldwide submissions are accepted.

  11. Previously published poems are accepted.

  12. You retain all rights to your poem.

  13. The last day to submit for this contest is January 2, 2020.

  14. All multiple submissions are to be emailed to us at after payment is made (submissions can be sent in separate emails or as one email attachment.)

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