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Celebrating 100 likes and 60 comments . I clinched the highest honor for my poems on realistic poetry organization and sharing those with my fellow poets is incredible and worth .I am so humbled for the love you have all showered . Please keep sharing your amazing light and continue reading my poems until infinity .



Have you ever witnessed the glory? Hidden in wide arena of poesy Reaping art of writing in hilly highland growing buds flourishing from south to north, east to west In every corner of world, poetry is harvesting With bunch of joys, laugh, smiles and fun Sometimes in lonely clouds, sometimes amongst daffodils But never attained the mortal death in ages and ages!

Behold! when you chant for poems Each word speaks tales of our lives Emotionally flowing on heart -shaped leaves Filled with dew drops; gracefully enlightening Sometimes carry wisdom, sometimes pleasure In every walk, you travel with me alike explorer but never hold silent temper to shade raucous haunt

Will somebody ask me what poetry made you? Perhaps I have lot of answers, to sing for thee art To what do I owe my success and peace of my life? Fortunately, poetry will take the honor and credit Nevertheless, you battle with me for a long time And we are not yet done, waiting for a humble day For we both will have to celebrate together, In commemoration of our long victory the art of poetry in my soul which, I bore Shall remain forever in my heart underneath the shore!


@Priyanka S Raj (MAHI)


@Realistic Poetry #Poetry #art of #writing


Twitter ; @mahipriyankaraj.

Priyanka Raj.©CopyRight2019. All Rights are Reserved.


Mar 30
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Priyanka, we are truly glad that you are growing here in the Realistic Poetry International community! That is beautiful and we only hope the best for you as we continue to move forward. You are a courageous and resilient weaver of words, intertwining intricate layers of emotions, life, dreams, and love! Thank you for always sharing with the community!

thank you always inspiring me , encouraging me and empowering with words of appreciation. I will never forget the joys I have received here for my poems and for me. it's truly incredible and valuable and priceless. It will remain etched in my heart forever.

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  • Sometimes, there is nothing. And in an effort to define nothing, We become, Nothing. A strong sentiment to those who wished us well, Or a passing moment on a grassridden field as you train for your next track meet, Or the mornings you constantly met your friends at the same lunch table, These became epics you'd pass down to your younger ones. Things you can't come back from, Only to. A memory, a wish, All these romanced pastimes. Lost in ambition, escapes, The hope that you'd look out onto your porch one day and tell us all it was worth it. But what I really needed was a friend What I needed was to see that I take everyone for granted And I can't do that anymore. Life is grand, life is love. A love I may not have for myself, but a love I need to have for others so I can understand it in my own life. I can play a mask well, And I can play the part for my kids, but I can't lie to myself when the music is just right. They'll never see the crash, and all I can hope is that I've prepared them well enough to handle their hearts better than I was ever taught to handle mine. You're not allowed, you're not allowed to have emotional upsets in your 20s. You can't be an adult until you've let it all go, What a fool's choice. What a gold chase we've been sent on. As if the ones we still miss aren't just versions of our lives we quick saved on, "We'll get them back." They were never there. It was always you, the smiles, The love, the laughter, The warmth of the sun in February, It just had to be you. And it couldn't be anyone else, it just had to be. You. There. That morning, That day, that circumstance. You.
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