Apr 29, 2018

The Door



“Dirty shoes should always be cleaned”, stated Mrs. Rue,

“Oh please!” snapped Melanie, “A little dirt won’t kill you.”

Melanie skipped into the kitchen leaving behind a muddy trail,

Mrs. Rue sighed to herself as she grabbed the mop and pail.

Melanie wasn’t a relative, a loved one or a family friend,

She was a neighbor that needed someone to take her out before Halloween could end.

Melanie was nine years young and dressed as a zombie killer,

It wasn’t appropriate but Melanie's parents loved spoiling her.

After Mrs. Rue mopped up the mess, she grabbed her purse to leave,

But somehow Melanie spilled grape juice allover her right sleeve.

Mrs. Rue asked the young girl, “What did you do?”

The little girl replied, “I spilled juice on my costume, what’s it look like to you?”

Mrs.Rue had to admit the girl was rude for someone her age,

Maybe her parents should put a muzzle over her mouth or lock her in a cage.

Mrs.Rue was a woman, who looked frail and old,

“Let’s just get a paper towel.” She said her voice sounding so cold.

Melanie walked out the kitchen not wanting to hear Mrs. Rue anymore,

When she stopped suddenly in front of a strange looking door.

The door was painted blue and decorated with six red flowers,

She wondered what could lay behind it, was it treasure or Ancient Powers?

Just as she was about to turn the knob, Mrs. Rue yelled out “No!”

Melanie flinched, “Why? Whatcha hiding? An eleventh toe?”

“It’s something you’re not meant to see, so grab your coat and let’s go.”

“No!” Melanie shouted, “Tell me what’s in there I want to know!”

The doorbell rang and the old woman glared, “This is the end of this, don’t ask no more!”

Mrs. Rue grabbed the bowl of candy and walked toward the house door.

Melanie rolled her eyes and she turned the doorknob shocked it opened with ease,

The door shot open and a tentacle grabbed the girl’s feet. “No! No! Please!”

Mrs. Rue heard Melanie’s screams and still passed out Tootsie Rolls,

Now what happened to Melanie? Well no one really knows.

This story wasn’t meant to scare you from visiting an old friend,

A closed door won’t lead to opportunity, just your bloody end. ~



Apr 29, 2018

Eeek! Well done.

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