Jan 28, 2018

The Same As Before


If I could move you — a time to remember,

When words kissed your cheek, seductive their stay.

In a passion, their yearning to coddle the ember

With love's sweet distinctive, mysterious way.


When writing was pressing the dipp'd nib to paper,

And verses lay strewn from a turbulent flow

From mindful thoughts, their beginnings were tender,

Like Nature's fresh teardrops caressing the snow.


In Winter's caress — How the mem'ries are stronger,

And dance for the warmth of those dreamier days;

The pleasant days short and the dark night is longer,

The pink-orange sunset bids adieu to my gaze.


Your presence here missing; my wide-eyes of wonder —

My aching heart skips — sense a pleasure divine.

In emptiness swoon; wanting, echoes like thunder

And rolls uncontrolled. Ah! This mem'ry is mine.


My inclination — a spirit unwavering,

Steadfast, sure-footed — 'tis a future to seek.

Your vision, my hunger is mentally savoring —

Bathed in shy beauty, your nat'ral mystique.


I asked once of Conscience, a question to ponder:

Could long-living happiness ever be found?

But Conscience ignored me, stared into the yonder

And left me to silence the echo of sound.


What is my reason for seeking companions

When friendships mean little and easily stray?

Each but a whisper in self-made dominions

That torment the innocent ear as they play.


What Winter has boasted, fair Spring will ignore;

Resplendent her colors, an artist with flair —

Her shy calls of _Marco_ warm chill Winter's core

Now Winter's a mem'ry, and Spring doesn't care.


What of those friendships? Tears trickling under —

The wincing of daylight as clouds hide the sun.

With lightning, Hate pierces; the grumbles of thunder,

Harbinger of Doom. Friendships fail one by one.


Is't possible that lovers should die in the springtime?

Lost Summer reposes — The shake of a head

On Sundays. Those people, the bells of their dull chime,

Sing misunderstandings for Summer is dead!


Autumn? No better — The flight of the fallen,

Let go and they fly in the cool wafting breeze,

To settle, dull colors that Death happ'ly crawls in

And smiles at the holocaust of gray naked trees.


Now slowly, I wander through time once romancing,

Pressed footsteps left hopes, and reminders of you.

Each breath that I take is so fresh, and enhancing

The mem'ry of sweet times; I long bid adieu.


I look to the heavens, with wide eyes of wonder,

I want to see angels in ether'al skies,

But sadness creeps slowly, and sends thoughts asunder,

Its blanket of darkness hides tears in my eyes.


There once was a time, when I thought life was grander

Than anything possibly promised to be.

Yet now what I see as I blindly meander,

Are ghosts of a future; so foreign to me.


How time marches on, and the years make me older,

The person I was is so diff'rent today.

A shadow of past, and my feelings are colder,

Completely indiff'rent to what people say.


So listen to lessons; our time is decreasing

With ev'ry year passing, the same as before.

The echoes of footsteps eventually ceasing,

And mem'ries will vanish, when Time is no more.


Ferrick Gray

© 2018



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