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Far too Late I Realized that Another Day and Another Time Was Yesterday.

Once, when there was life in me,

I took it for granted,

I waited far too long, thinking I had time,

Maybe to say, I Love You, or just to be around,

To light up someone's life and maybe even mine.

I put off the day, and then realized far too soon that it was night,

Time had passed through my procrastination,

Precious time that I couldn't ever have again,

Or grasp and hold, and maybe even sing and dance.

Once, said like it was in the past,

Only, it was yesterday that I had missed out on,

Never to hold or grasp in my hand,

Never to sing or dance again.

Time flew past like it always did,

It Never checked with the clock before it ticked another minute.

Far too soon, it was time to die,

And far too late, I realized that I needed more time,

To live, maybe to do the things I never did for lack of time,

Or, just to sing and dance, to say, I Love You,

For another chance to see the other side of the world,

That was not within my reach.

The one I wasted time, ignored and left out of my plans,


I could do it another day, another time,

Far too late, I realized that another day and another time was Yesterday!

Malak Kalmoni Chehab
Realistic Poetry
Delano Johnson


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