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An Open Group For Poets, Readers, and Writers

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We would be delighted if you joined us in writing a poem. All are welcome to contribute a few lines. We are excited to read your creation!

Come gather 'round, ye poets dear,

Let's weave a verse that's crystal clear,

With words that sing and dance and soar,

And leave our hearts forever more.

Each line a brushstroke on the page,

A tapestry of thought and sage,

Let's each contribute our own hue,

To paint a picture bright and true.

So come and add your voice to ours,

And let our poetry be the stars,

That light the way for all to see,

The beauty in our unity.

Let's pass the torch from hand to hand,

And see where our creation lands,

For in this act of harmony,

We'll find the soul of poetry.

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