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Together A Future

I believe in all of you. In everything it is you do. Through every joy and violent storm, Love will help the world conform. The strength within your heart is true, It gives you faith to see you through. We stand and keep each other strong. Fight this world just to belong. We started on this path alone, But we were never on our own. Surrender now your broken soul Making someone else’s whole. Don't let it hurt and bring you down And turn your smile into a frown. The sunlight will at last break through And give you a new point of view. We all face hardship and it’s trials. We get consumed in our denial. Yet in the end find peace again, With every loss we learn to win. It's all worth it when we look back Gaining strength from all we lack Ridiculed though we may

Though in the future they will see.

Nothing done can change our course

Though hate can be a deadly force

We stand strong with heads held high

Despite the weakness they imply.

I am with you, it is my choice

It’s time to stand and find our voice

I see each day but not like you

Yet there is still so much to do.

The world can change just show it how

The future is what we allow.

Look at things from every side

Get all the facts and then decide. We fight, we stand, keep others strong. We have a plan to fight what's wrong. Together anger’s overthrown, A world at war we can’t condone. - PathofStars

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