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Break-ups. Separation. Calling it ‘quits’, ‘it’s over’. Once your heart truly commits to loving someone, inside and out, such simple words can feel like freezing, ice cold daggers, piercing to the soul! Leaving the brokenhearted to cling to merely comforting memories of ‘what once was’, before the damage happened, that is. Well, simply put, this book captures the first-person perspective of the emotional, physical, and mental effects caused by a young woman’s shattered and broken fantasy.

Author Jasmine Smith’s, ‘;recovery’, is written like a personal poetry documentary, with free verse as the chief style used throughout the book, with a narrative touch, ideal for this specific theme and topic!

The poems in this collection are tailored to expose the after-effects of what the soul suffers when the heart is ripped from its other half. Her practical self cannot accept the fact that she has lost her star, her love; and now, her only wish is to wind back the hands of time to somehow reverse the situation, desperate to evade the unbearable, relentless agony. When in reality - the only thing that can be done to recoup, is to literally recover.

But - recovery can be easier said than done.

There are poems included in this edition that express, both, guilt and responsibility for the loss of her relationship, as she flip-flops between blaming herself, and then the subject of her pain. In one poem, Smith says “are you still out there, can you hear my cries for you”, and in another, “in an instant my feelings went from love to loathe”, causing readers to inquire further on who the individual is, how they caused the situation, and more importantly, why?

The answer to this is a mystery to us, but after reading a few more poems, the only question left to ask, is why does she feel ‘unworthy’, or as if she deserves to be alone? This perplexes us as readers, and prompts us to delve deeper into the book’s content.

Smith intensifies the impact of her poetry by verbally illustrating the suffering and effects of some physical symptoms related to heartbreak, using phrases like ‘struggling to breathe’, and power-words like hyperventilation. The narrator also makes an indication of suicide saying, “contemplating the worst choice I could ever make, struggling to find my way home, sitting on the riverbank”. It is in this very moment in which she understands the unpleasant truth at hand, and that is, in her own words, “you’re never coming back”.

Looking from the outside in, readers can hear the voice throughout the book shedding internal tears of pain, completely grieved by the thought of being replaced by someone else; someone different that’s more beautiful, and more, what she describes as, “fresh”.

Feeling less than perfect, we can nearly see with our literal eyes the hazy cloud of dejection pouring down upon her wounded, feeble spirit – but, there is still one thing as clear as crystal! She may have lost her love – but she certainly didn’t lose her golden heart.

Considering all the emotional turmoil she’s underwent, before and after the relationship, and despite the sickening plague of pain, the narrator is strong enough to stand as a good representation and vessel of love, even when dealing with rejection from someone she trusted with her most prized possession - her heart. This can be extremely difficult to do.

The ‘even better’ about the situation is how her disheartening journey of pain ultimately teaches readers a critically valuable lesson; sometimes being strong actually means being weak. Hard one for many of us to grasp!

Therefore, we applaud her for being a positive force, and a strong bold example for others who may have also suffered the same devastation. Towards the latter part of the book, we are excited and thrilled that the narrator begins to see light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel. She finishes strong saying

“I’m happy again





this is


And she deserves it!

Realistic Poetry International is ecstatic to present this book with a 5-star rating!

It is an excellent book that we can happily recommend to others, men and women!

Bravo, Jasmine!

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