2018 Freedom Medal Giveaway Winner, David Welch! Congratulations!

Dear Poets;

Realistic Poetry International is happy to share this amazing picture of our 2018 Freedom Medal Giveaway Winner, David Welch! We are so happy to award him with this honorable Medal for sharing his respectable and inspiring definition of what freedom means to him and his poetry!

Our judges truly admire David for sharing his beautiful vision of liberty, poetry, humanity, and charity, reminding us all that poetry is a gift to share with one another with limitless boundaries to explore!

Thank you, David, for participating with us and the Community, we are happy to acknowledge and recognize you as a deserving recipient of the Realistic Poetry International Freedom Medal and hope your words continue to inspire others as they have us.


What Does Freedom Mean to You and Your Poetry?

"Freedom and poetry mean that there are infinite possibilities for me to contribute something to the world, a legacy of thought, expression, and love to the unsuspecting reader. Freedom to write poetry is a gift to be explored." ~David Welch

Connect with David Welch on Twitter today! https://twitter.com/dwelch9627

We would also like to thank all of those who took time to participate in this event with us and hope you all stay tuned for more giveaways upcoming!

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