Author Brandon Hildreth's poetry book, "Prompted Pieces," is collection of inspiration

Prompted Pieces Review

In Prompted Pieces, B. D. Hildreth has given us a pivotal work of poetry. Prompted Pieces is inspired by social media prompts, specifically those from Twitter. Hildreth has woven a masterful collection of thoughts into a myriad of elegant, enchanting and unique poems.

This collection of work is divided into sections by the author. Each section contains various works of “micropoetry” written using inspiration provided by Twitter prompter accounts and by Twitter poets. The poet provides us with a definition of this “unofficial” form in the book’s introduction. This form of poetry is defined by “a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. In other words, a micropoem is a short poem. Micropoetry is a collective term for a variety of different forms of short poetry. As a poetic art form, it doesn't really have any rules.”

Prompted Pieces invites the reader into the poet’s realm of four unique sections: “Of Nature”, “Of Spirit”, “Of Love” and “Of Life and Death”, all of which are beautiful and intriguing. Words are used sparingly, yet with profound emphasis on capturing the poet’s vision of impactful poetic brevity.

The first section “Of Nature” provides an escape into childlike imagination, that is woven with bursts of wonder and tactile illustrations. There are capsules of energy and wisdom born in these poems. Nature lives, breaths, and swirls into our imaginings in this section.

As the writer progresses into “Of Spirit”, the reader journeys into a realm of more mature writing with an emphasis on the element of personal introspection. This piece captures the essence of this section: “There is nothing in this world unwritten; even our stories are found”.

“Of Love” is a section of ethereal beauty and it is filled with short bursts of words echoing the bliss of love, and the universal need to understand love. The poet spans this section with layers of lovely sentiment and ponders the majestic nature of love.

The last section of Prompted Pieces, “Of Life and Death”, guides the reader into musings regarding human nature and into questions of mortality and its definition in our own life. The structure of words in this section yields a thought provoking foundation for the reader. One that leaves the reader searching their unique path for meaning and understanding.

Prompted Pieces is collection of inspiration and a kaleidoscope of imagery taking the reader to place of their own creation, the poet’s own words reflect this best: “She painted a scene as she read: The words, her brush; Her mind, the canvas”.

We're pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating!

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