Author Steven Kelly’s Life and Love in the Visible Spectrum is a masterpiece of verbal art and a cla

Author Steve Kelly’s Life and Love in the Visible Spectrum is a prolific, brilliant collection of poems that delivers colorful, scintillating abstract views on various aspects encompassing life and reality, and just like real visible light waves in the phenomenal world of science and biology (with reference to the book title), each poem is like an individual color, some bright red, passionate and full of fervor, while others are polychromatic, reflecting other diverse tones, hues and moods to perceive both, the visible and non-visible qualities, existences and happenings of life.

A great example of this is the poem “Artist’s Eye.” This piece speaks directly to the creative mind and rejoices in its ability to photograph ordinary life, and transform it into “a mindful of choreography,” in the words of Kelly.

He goes on to explain the depth of perspective by using the “artist” to illustrate the “subtle changes most will never see,” like the “…spider architecture bejeweled in morning dew” (and this is only one his fantastical descriptions!).

His inventive descriptions and examples used to support the poem’s underlining meaning is resounding and incorporates certain useful literary devices such as allegories and imagery, making it quite a work of art by itself!

The Author furthermore impresses us by thoroughly defining the artist and art, not limiting the genre to merely paintings, crafts and sculptures, but to anything the lens of the artist beholds, whether it be ordinary or extraordinary. And while on one end he uses his poetry to create verbal poetic illustrations to depict the profundity of perspective, on another he keeps us focused and attentive by also sharing a little bit of his own.

In the poem “Kings in the World,” Kelly collectively references to men, but it surely isn’t all about castles, kingdoms and scepters! Instead, he uses the catchphrase “There are kings in the world,” to pronounce a modest, compassionate, hardworking and humble generation of men who “live in palaces of brick and tile, work nine to five, commuting to and fro, and all the while and in every way, robed in the every day.” So much is said in just this one line.

The poem is interesting in the way that it reverses the standard mode of thinking when it comes to anything royal, such as a king, making the term not limited to merely one ruler and extending the idea of riches beyond tangible wealth and material means.

During our read, Kelly continuously finds exciting ways to say and describe action in motion, developing original and evocative metaphorical arrangements such as “We can watch notes of music dance pirouettes in air,” “we can dream of color splashed across a page,” and “Shake earthquakes of emotion,” which are all included in the featured poem “Timeless.”

Whether you’re a fan of abstract or real, this book has the added benefit of including both types of effective writing styles! A fantastic example, “The Tale,” skillfully portrays the birth of the butterfly in figurative language- and it’s absolutely stunning!

The Author’s choice of words is like an intricate array of colors, combined, mixed and fused together to recreate the remarkable, metaphorical transition of a “once grubby insect” into the enchanting butterfly! It’s witty and biotic appeal truly takes this poem to an entirely different level.

We also read and enjoy sentimental, ardent poems such as “Electric,” which snapshot valuable aspects of partnership such as “constant union” and symmetrically align the Author’s emotions with this concept saying, “You are the completion of all that is me and I am nothing without you.”

Without gloss or glitter, his words ensure his message isn’t misinterpreted by readers, as he concludes the final verse with a powerful confession “…If at the end you are not there then I am lost for all eternity.” More poems from this book that celebrate relationships and good old traditional values are “Family,” “Peace,” and “Family Time.”

To sum up our thoughts, Author Steve Kelly’s Life and Love in the Visible Spectrum is a masterpiece of verbal art and a classy example of intellect, knowledge and art, united.

We’re extremely excited to present this book with a 5-star rating and can literally go on and on about all the thought-provoking, scenic and evocative poems a part of this collection, but instead, encourage you to read the book for yourself!

So get your copy today! You’ll find that this book of poems is a prodigious canvas of life, with each poem intensifying his quality portrait of Life and Love in the Visible Spectrum.

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