Author Ken Allan Dronsfield's "A Taint of Pity" is otherworldly, offering brief but ha

A Taint of Pity by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Ken Allan Dronsfield’s, A Taint of Pity dances with the eternal metamorphosis of life into purgatory into death – it is something disconcerting and dark yet entirely sacred at heart. It chants with the hopes of absolution and despairs with the damnation of depression.

A Taint of Pity is otherworldly, offering brief but haunting glimpses into doors which hide all manner of dreams and nightmares, beauty and horror. In the nature of dreams, it runs on its own organic rhythm, the poems thriving outside of any strict form. They are gardens bearing unpredictable but wonderful fruit that can be as abstract as they can be vividly real.

“Simpler and gentler times do covet those very sweet rhymes Whisper lullabies to deaf ears ; we take a crimson train there. I know sometimes evil lurks on the rim of a soft rose petal Sharp barbs impale the mind ; leaving cold hands bleeding.”

- from “Cáscara Vacía”

Dronsfield’s imagery is rich and artistic, like paintings translated into phrase. Themes range from ominous to religious to apocalyptic, and all the ghosts that lie in-between. One that stood out particularly, “As Dead Birds Circled” captures the ravaged scarlet landscape of a world on its deathbed:

“Quartz crystals resonate a timeless waltz rust colored waters moved lifeless bodies while dead birds on the wing circled slowly. Cleanse our souls in the fierce muddy waters.” -from “As Dead Birds Circled”

A Taint of Pity is very resonant to me and is unwaveringly strong, from its wistful moments down to its deepest primal fears. I would give it a full 5 of 5 stars.

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