In 'Hope Between Heartbeats' by Author Liz Newman, she proves herself to be not only a hopef

Liz Newman’s Hope Between Heartbeats

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Liz Newman’s “Hope Between Heartbeats” is a poetic capsule of life swirling with an elaborate ray of colors, a point she makes sure to get across right in the very beginning saying; “No life is black and white, but rather chaotic and ever-evolving array of colors.”

Well, we must agree with Author Liz Newman’s point of view on this creatively illustrated yet realistic theory. As readers who appreciate a good opening, we believe this poem is an effective and strategic way to introduce the collection, as the book is organized and split into four sections to represent some of these different ‘colored’ stages such as life, love, loss and learning.

First off, we are immediately drawn to the action the Author exerts into her words, causing them to embody movement and reflect animation with effective visual descriptive words such as ‘swirling,’ ‘dance,’ ‘twirl,’ and ‘splattered.’

With this technique, we believe her verses to be more than just words spattered upon a blank canvas; instead, we perceive on a much deeper level that her words are real, living emotions; emotions that embody her soul in which she releases like renewed air, inhaling and exhaling stowed memories from nostalgic pictures of her past, united with her vision of where she actually stands today.

Concerning tone, voice, and quality, Author Liz Newman demonstrates a pacific and practical nature with a positive, yet sombrous quality that remains optimistic. Even so, Newman makes a point to remind readers that she is only human, well-aware of the gray areas in life that sometimes forces us to become better acquainted with pain and suffering. But with a resilient voice of optimism she says, “I find solace in a serenade, the words of a stranger bringing comfort through the lines of a song…”

This book includes a diverse mixture of brief, profound, philosophical selections such as, “Silence” and “Chaos,” while other poems like, “Unexpected Tourist” and “Mutiny in Immunity,” provide a more detailed and intricate outline of the Author’s musings and thoughts on a particular topic.

The featured poem, “Hope Between Heartbeats,” is such a prominent and important piece in this collection, conveying a beautifully inspiring message: we all have pain.

With a kind, tender spirit, this poem is understanding and unites us all by our innate vulnerability and susceptibility to woe and suffering, regardless of how or to what extent or degree. Nonetheless, Author Liz Newman plants nourishing seeds of hope in the soil of our hearts garden, emphasizing, “it won’t always be this way.”

Her serenity is charming, and honestly, the perfect piece of peace needed on an unfavorable, hopeless day.

Author Liz Newman proves herself to be not only a hopeful and optimistic voice of reason for humanity, but also one who dares to dream and believe in a richer, healthier, elevated manner of living to help produce positive vibes and long-term success. And we’re not talking financially. For the Author shows off her wisdom in magnifying the fact that she understands the health and well-being of our inner selves, mind, body and soul, must be nurtured, sustained, and in good shape, first, before we begin to analyze and judge our exterior shell and outward appearance.

Subsequently, important, valuable characteristics and traits such as, patience, sprout from her promising garden of love, exemplified in the featured poem, “Wait.”

Under the subsection, Love, she says, “Wait for the one with integrity, the one who loves your body, but is enamored with your soul.”

Newman goes on to explain more about the type of love she desires in the following poem, “A Love That…”, where her idealistic vision of love is portrayed as withstanding, adaptable, and able to “adjusts its sails for the rough winds of change.”

In other poems like “Bravery” and “Refuge,” in only a few words, she takes time to reverence the one whom redeems her “war-torn heart,” appreciative for the glittering sparkle her revitalized spirit gleams with, ignited by this promising, bona fide love she vividly describes in other poems.

This dramatic turnaround in her romantic life leaves us with questions when we encounter poems like, “Timeless,” where she says, “I wanted to make our love story immortal…,” speaking in past-tense as if the feeling and thought previously existed but no longer stands. Our minds can only wonder. But not for too long.

Subsequently, we encounter the poem, “Timing,” that admits, “I found the right love at the wrong time…,” implying a possible, subliminal explanation that addresses our curiosity.

This poem as well as others such as “We Used to Sing,” “Shadows,” “The Sun,” and “Distance” fall under the subsection, Loss; a category dedicated to the reality of distance and separation between two hearts, resounding with a wistful and misty disposition.

Despite some of her journey’s imperfections and losses, Author Liz Newman’s poetry makes one thing clear: life is about living and learning, which brings us to our next and final subsection; Learning.

Author Liz Newman compares her ever-expanding mind to that of the ocean, saying it’s “never still, always something hiding just beneath the surface.”

Her decision to use the ocean in a metaphorical manner for this poem is sensible and relatable, especially when we consider the depth, complexity and mysterious wonders both mind and sea equally possess! Great use of figurative language!

On the fierier side of things, the poem, “Inferno,” reflects the burning “fire behind her eyes,” warning all those who might attempt to test her glimmering smile and warm heart, not to underestimate her power or ability ‘to defend and destroy.’

All we can say is that her strength is certainly as tall and solid as her towering love, revealing a well-rounded, sagacious, ambitious soul. In fact, the last section of poems bleed with strength, courage, consciousness, self-confidence, self-awareness, altruism, and triumphantly concludes with the most beautiful poetic constellation of, love.

Author Liz Newman’s Hope Between Heartbeats is definitely worthy of a 5-star rating, and we enjoyed reading every bit of this collection!

No matter which section or poem speaks to you, personally, there is always that sense of love and hope she instills, glimmering brightly like a star; its light brilliantly piercing through the darkness of night’s black sky.



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