Without fully giving away each micro detail, Author Brenda-Lee Ranta's ability to describe a sit

Heart Sounds: 'Murmurings' by Brenda-Lee Ranta

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

With a beautiful introduction, Author Brenda-Lee Ranta's words resonate through chic elegance and a beautiful aura of peace that instantly illustrate a calm, introspective, and liberating spirit, content with the inevitable cycle of growth and transition of herself in life, saying “I am a work in progress, as we all are.” This statement alone leads us into a world of poetry that reflects different countenances of the heart as it experiences a variety of fluctuating emotions, reminding us how both fragile and resilient this priceless jewel can be!

Recording all of our innermost secrets, thoughts, and memories, Author Brenda-Lee Ranta magnifies the heart and compares it to mind, establishing a clear and distinguished difference between two of the most important and essential components used in a person’s daily life, whether it be to make decisions or show love and compassion. This book reveals the power of how our heart can majorly influence our perspectives and outlooks on people and situations by forming profiles of personalities as in the featured poem, “Discarded,” and by examining the extensiveness of our humanness, plus survival, such as in the poem, “Last Breaths.”

Like many, some poems a part of this collection such as, “Unstrung,” paint a riveting portrait of pain and loss through metaphorical and compelling language, even though the Author’s tone remains as mellow as the milky pearls she describes being “ripped from a throat…” after she falls short and loses faith. Hence, the thought-provoking oxymoron is born, ‘perilous pearls.’

The solemnity of Author Brenda-Lee Ranta’s words seem to match the discontent disposition captured in some of her poetic observations. Without fully giving away each micro detail, her ability to describe a situation without directly ‘telling,’ and magnify certain lifestyles by dramatizing action as in the poem, “Empty,” is an excellent demonstration and example of poetry, allowing the reader to connect imagery efficiently to emotion (e.g.; “There is nothing so hollow as the sound of stiletto heels clicking in shiny marble floor”).

Overall, using and combining the elements of symbolism and metaphors help us to better see and understand that the use of ‘heels’ and their reverberating clicking, ‘bouncing from wall to wall,’ in this context, is piercing enough to crack frozen ponds, figuratively speaking. Poems such as this are realistic, elusive, and observative, causing us to want to take a further glimpse ‘behind the scenes' of such a glum noise, it is even sorrowful music to God's ears.

We absolutely enjoy the diversity of poems throughout this collection, never growing bored with a wide-range of subjects and topics to read on! With her talent and keen sense of perception, Author Brenda-Lee Ranta even makes a wait at the doctor's office gripping enough to read until the very end in her creative and moralistic poem, "Wait."

In truth, it seems no matter what poem we read, her way with words and poignant voice of courage proves, most of all, her own heart's ability to be buoyant, optimistic, and still beating with the steady and divine rhythm of life, despite all the pain, grief, and tragedy her eyes may witness and endure.

Her heart's poetic 'Murmurs' speckled between poems in this collection are wise, original, and provoke in-depth reflection. One of our absolute favorites says, "Some dance on the blade of a knife, to ensure they dance with a precision," and there are so many more!

In all, we believe this book is a great demonstration of true talent, as Author Brenda-Lee Ranta stretches her skills from a technical perspective, implementing inventive poems with unique and special formats that are attractive to the eye, all the way to the ends of the spectrum of ingenuity, as she effortlessly interweaves snapshots of life, songs of emotions, and the beauty of words.

We are delighted to present this book with a 5-Star rating and believe it specially speaks to the hearts and souls of many women, who just like her, never quit and are merely, "a work in progress, as we all are."

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