Author Jessi Hersey's 'Lit Soul: My Twin Flame Journey' is an emotional portrait of conf

Lit Soul: My Twin Flame Journey by Jessi Hersey

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Reading Jessi Hersey's Lit Soul: My Twin Flame Journey is like journeying through an expressive combination of meditative and introspective reflections of self and humanity through the compassionate eyes of love and pain.

Through poems such as, ‘Manic Mind,’ and, “When,” Hersey conveys heartfelt scenes of conflict with the world, and within her own self. Including dates with these poems, it’s almost as if she pulled them directly from the pages of her heart’s diary, as each poem naturally links to a personal experience, her beliefs, or her observations of life such as in the following poem, ‘Death.’

It is one of those words that no one really likes to mention or even hear, even though it’s inevitable.

But Hersey isn’t afraid to face this reality saying, ‘life comes to an end,’ strongly believing that what many may desperately fear and try to avoid at all costs, Hersey feels can be a blessing for someone else.

This mindframe and outlook on life and death seems to be a part of the Author’s liberation, helping her to maintain a sense of peace in a disorderly world as she also wishes for others. Even though Hersey is one who knows all too well that our world is made up of much more than the colors of ‘black and white,’ as she explains in one of her featured poems entitled, “A Perspective.”

Understanding the variations in people that affect the way we view the world, Hersey believes perspective is connected to the inner contemplation's of our heart which ultimately verifies who we truly are, despite the types of thoughts we may have. As readers, this is an interesting point to ponder, as it has been said by some of earth's greatest philosophers, such as Buddha, that ‘we are what we think,’ implying the fact that thoughts originate and are made up of the exact same substance as the heart. Interested in more details behind the Author’s philosophy, there are many questions we are inclined to ask!

Spiritual and transcendent, this journey is an emotional portrait of conflict, change, growth, and healing, identifying unconditional love as the primary catalyst. In one poem entitled, “The Road Less Traveled,” we learn, unlike many who feel subjected and forced, that Hersey chooses the unpopular route to travel upon, even though she says this way is typically, ‘dreaded,’ in most cases. It is hard not to wonder why she feels the ‘road less traveled’ is one seemingly of pain, anguish, and abuse, as she says, “beaten and bruised, I take the road less traveled…” Though she admits to feeling good on this road, inquiring minds are left to ask; where will it lead? Is the ‘road less traveled’ one she would recommend to others?

Despite the answer to this, after undergoing a series of emotional and divine poetic epiphanies, we read how Hersey is finally able to become one with herself again in the light and glory of redemption (Redemption)!

Enlightened, she says, ‘I’ve got to find self-love, to make a foundation of love,’ which it appears she has accomplished, successfully, for her twin soul is really no twin at all, rather the joining of flesh and spirit to, at last, be made whole again. To be made one.

We are happy to present this book with a 4-star rating and would recommend this book to those who enjoy submerging themselves into the depth and enigma of human emotion.

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