From the refreshing aroma of the blossoming meadows to the warmth of the Phoenix’s scorpion desert s

Zephyr’s Whisper: Poems and Parables of a Seasonal Pretense by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

When we first receive Author Ken Allan Dronsfield’s prolific collection of poems, Zephyr’s Whisper: Poems and Parables of a Seasonal Pretense, the peculiar word, ‘zephyr,’ compels us with its rich and alluring nature, just like the Author’s fascinating verses of verbal splendor and beauteous poetic etchings of ‘sugar cane flowing like ocean waves’ and ‘Spanish moss dripping from Cypress trees.’

Making its debut appearance in introductory poem, “Whispers from the Zephyr,” and also one of the primary themes of this book, Author Dronsfield always impresses us, using captivating words to illustrate and create an inimitable style of writing that places the reader directly in the middle of exotically enchanting scenes, and natural, earthy environments that are beyond delightful to the senses and act as the perfect escape for the imagination!

His words, as smooth as silk, embody a fine, intelligent, and sophisticated demeanor, effortlessly drawing readers in with poetic interpretations of picturesque portraits that include a spectrum of elements to reflect the many diverse wonders and indigenous embellishments of our world such as different types of animals, insects, meadows, brooks, flowers (dandelions, lilacs etc.), light, and most of all, the phenomenal transitioning seasons.

From the refreshing aroma of the blossoming meadows to the warmth of the Phoenix’s scorpion desert sands (Desert Spirit), it’s quite difficult to avoid fantasizing of what seems like, paradise, as we encounter poems such as, “A Velvet Rhapsody;” an exquisite piece literally as stunning and glamorous as its lustrous name, crafted with evocative, gorgeous imagery that will easily take your breath away, seriously.

His firsthand experience with nature and earth is more than visible and testifies to his admirable relationship and connection to the wild, diverse landscapes, creation, the universe, and Mother Nature. This seems to allow Dronsfield to freely elaborate in such incredible detail, even ingeniously illustrating enactments between certain elements, displaying a combo of action and emotion as in the following poem, “Pacific Daydream;” a true poetic utopia of pure bliss and fairytale euphoria where ‘colorful butterflies dance and dragonfly’s romance’ as ‘full moons hum twilight sonnets,’ blessed by the dulcet scent of his favorite tropical treats, mango, and papaya!

In fact, we find the Author cleverly attaches several themes of life to the concept of nature, such as in the following poem, “Song of the Garden Chimes,” this time, using the art of music, the magic of sound, and the implementation of instruments (the harp) to fulfill this elegant, euphonious, poetic melody.

Poems such as this efficiently capture the grandeur of reality and the phenomena of the physical world, live, and in action! Even in the simplest of homely havens, like gardens. But the truth is that there are no limits to the ethereal-like, idyllic, getaways we visit throughout the duration of this book!

Swirling in the iridescent animation of vibrant hues and colors, we drink in the purity of his wisdom, traversing to and from unforgettable settings of peace and tranquility as we collect metaphorical visuals of his inspiring philosophy like treasure from poems such as, “With Honesty Comes the Rain.”

Author Ken Allan Dronsfield’s Zephyr’s Whisper: Poems and Parables of a Seasonal Pretense is truly a literary masterpiece, and the Author, a genuine word artist with a gift and talent that cannot go unnoticed.

We are pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and encourage others to pamper their minds and imagination with the marvelous scenes and wonders of the world!

It is an experience that any true poetry enthusiast will love!

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