My Apartment by Author Eddie Matsuoka can be quite funny at times but is just as often poignant – a

My Apartment by Author Eddie Matsuoka

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Eddie Matsuoka’s My Apartment is a collection with a spirited personality. These poems strike with a keen sense of humor but still have the ability to sting with their sharp observations on society and life.

While My Apartment flows with light-hearted rhythm, don’t be mistaken that it can’t pack a punch with its more solemn prose. It is a confident collection that’s unafraid to wear all of its inner colors and emotions in the open and is definitely the better for this.

My Apartment can be quite funny at times but is just as often poignant – a reflection of hours gone past and both the sacred and sorrowful events of life. It has a sense of nostalgia but without being overly wistful.

Matsuoka’s poems are a mix of more traditional rhyming verse and free verse. I enjoyed most of the poems, from the sillier pieces like “Pun Star” to the insightful, deeper poems.

Poems like “The Gift”, “Beauty”, and “The Tree”, a brief but beautiful piece on the paths we choose to follow, trying to make sense of this sort of natural chaos as one grows older, showcase how versatile My Apartment is.

Many of the poems are great, but each that stands out has completely different facets to like about it. On the surface, My Apartment may come across as modest and never too serious about itself, but there is a real depth of character that shines through.

“Knowledge of good and evil has nothing to do with chemistry

Biology has no sinister smile

Astronomy does not twirl its

Mustache and chortle maniacally

It is knowing instead that sets us free.”- from “The Tree”

Scattered throughout are bits of social commentary, relevant to this day and likely days of the past and future as well, primarily around spiritual and political struggle. I interpreted it as a sort of lamentation that others are not more open-minded about ideas, or unwilling to see another side.

Keep in mind that I’m not positive this was the author’s intention as there are so many ways to interpret poetry with social messages, but I did find it interesting nonetheless.

My Apartment is lively with experience and humanity. The collection is entertaining to read while making some good points, though I did think that it may have benefitted slightly from the humorous poems and serious poems being grouped a little more together by their general mood.

All in all, Matsuoka’s My Apartment is a collection that I would recommend with a five out of five. This is a memorable and strong second book, a step up from the poet’s debut, Caterwauling & Doggerel, which itself was a pretty solid collection.

My Apartment has a wide range of styles that I think anyone will find qualities in that they can personally appreciate.

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