Through persuasion and truth, Author Joe Odey makes his underlying message one to encourage, inform,

Becoming A Whisper: A Collection of Poems by Joe Odey

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Filled with poems resembling mini-stories, Author Joe Odey’s Becoming A Whisper is a compelling and entertaining compilation of people and life illustrated through captivating narration, descriptive imagery, and multiple diverse themes.

One theme noticeably prevalent throughout this collection is freedom, with one of our favorite poetic interpretations of this theme being, “The Troubled Voyager.”

Poems such as this, and others like, “The Illusionist,” are comprehensive and intriguing, creatively depicting characterizations of different personalities by presenting these character’s internal or external conflicts in conjunction to their reactions, and actions.

Though the only illusion in this case are the lies he continues to tell himself over and over again after he realizes a goodbye for only a moment, truly means, forever.

Yet this does not stop the Author from understanding how life is just way too short NOT to live, he says, “flawed, happy, and free (Live; pg. 29).” In this poem, the idea of living a life confined to unhappiness, when we have the beautiful to ability to live our life on our own terms, forces us to consider our choices, purpose, and perspective on life.

Through persuasion and truth, Odey makes his underlying message one to encourage, inform, and inspire, not only for the sake of our happiness, but also to remind the world that life is not perfect, and neither are we; still, live life to the fullest! Again, the theme of ‘freedom’ resounds like church bells at sunrise, empowering humanity to be bold, confident, unique, and unconventional.

Black and white photography add a classic and visual appeal to the Author’s poetry, coordinating images with poems that embody emotion to represent mood and tone while amplifying the relevancy of the his words. Other vibrant themes capture the natural simplicities of life such as the “Sunset in September,” while poems like, “The Clairvoyant’s Curse,” casts us into a “forgotten love’s” mystic shadows of enigma.

There is a twist of fantasy in some poems, with hints included in the title as in, “Fairytale Island.” Mocking an unchanging and disappointing reality, this poem distinguishes an unchanging reality that leads a virtuous woman into fairytale wishes and daydreams of a better world, even though each day she awakens, the truth always wins;

“Life was wild and free,

And everything this tame would never be!”

An incredible woman of mystery, we begin to form our own idea of a courageous, beauteous, and resilient woman who symbolizes strength, wisdom, and grace, especially in the featured poem, “The Loudest Whisper,” where we learn the value of silence should not always be mistaken for the loss of words.

After reading the full book, we can honestly say that Odey’s work is truly impressive, easy to read, imaginative and creative, plus provokes thought, refection, and inquiry. We definitely recommend this book to anyone who can enjoy the best of both worlds, life...and the dream. Excellent work!

We are pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and can definitely recommend this book to others!

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