Author Edwin Betancourt waste no time pulling you into his latest book "The P. I WItch: The Wit

The P. I WItch: The Witch, The Prince & The Evil Jester. by Author Edwin Betancourt Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Edwin Betancourt waste no time pulling you into his latest book "The P. I WItch: The Witch, The Prince & The Evil Jester." It is a powerful and compelling novella that once you read you will not want to stop, not even for a second. This intriguing book is full of thrill and shock that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So before you read this book brace yourself this talented author will take you for an unforgettable journey. With powerful magic, strange things creeping in the shadows, dark realms, immortality, and even demonic assassins. The journey begins with a sorceress named Agatha, whose death causes many problems throughout the story, nothing in this book is as it appears. The story follows P. I Witch, Jayson Santos as he mourns the loss of his dear friend. Author Betancourt displays his vivid imagination and creativity the entire book. Throughout the story, you will find characters like Nathaniel that seem like old friends and family, as the author cleverly takes the reader into a fantasy world that only a genius like Betancourt can create. This book is so fascinating you will follow the plot as if you are a part of the fantasy. Betancourt knows just how to push and pull at his reader's emotions. Seamlessly the author makes you ponder life, truth, and reality. "The P. I WItch: The Witch, The Prince & The Evil Jester," is not your ordinary boring book it is a novella full of excitement and adventure. With spells like "Love in life is what we’ve seen, Lost in fear when we are mean. Lose the hope and paint it green, Use my words to freeze this scene." Would you be a sorceress or a witch, a prince or knight, the pirate or a vampire? In this story, there are even ogres, ghost, talking mice, and mermaids there are entire schools and realms of them. We caution you on this exciting journey, be careful of Rowan No End the Court Jester of the Vanderson Kingdom also the King of the Dark Realm he is ferocious and fearless and desperately out for blood and no one is safe not even the local high school kids. Are you pureblood? Do you have what it takes to walk with witches and cannibals? Will you use your power for good or bad? Could you be strong enough to find love even if from a witch? Author Edwin Betancourt teaches us in this exciting book that anything is possible.

We highly recommend this 5-star book, by Author Betancourt, it is an unforgettable read. The perfect book for those looking for a great fantasy.

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