Author Kyle Coare is an exquisite Poet and Word Artist that truly knows how to bring words and the w

Kyle Coare's Seasons Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Kyle Coare is an exquisite Poet and Word Artist that truly knows how to bring words and the world to life through poetry, and this collection of animated poems is more than proof! Layered with marvelous scenes of different phenomena of our great physical world such as landscapes, plants, wildlife, natural forces, and other captivating elements to complement the theme, Kyle creatively uses the seasons and some of their most notable qualities and characteristics to describe reality, people, and experiences. And despite what poem we may be reading and its central topic, the energy of his verses radiates with various images of emotion and plenty of zestful scenes complete with action, like in the featured poem, "Summer Rains."

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“Summer Rains”

Capturing the seasonal theme of this book flawlessly, we bask in the invigorating feeling of wet weather as we focus in on the spellbinding magic of harmless sky showers from up above, relishing in its touch to our skin as we imagine dancing to its unique melody as “waters start to ripple under raindrops,” sprinkling and cleansing us in its crystal drops of heaven's dew! Author Kyle Coare goes on to explain how not only we, human beings, enjoy this seasonal blessing, but also explains how even Mother Nature herself praises this essential phenomenon saying, "the way flowers sway dancing in the breeze..." Using the flowers to symbolize harmony, delight, and happiness.

With a pleasant and intrinsic upbeat tone, we enjoy the smooth and soothing ambiance this poem sets us in, and furthermore smile at the obvious love and appreciation Author Coare exemplifies for nature through his poetry, a beautiful reflection of the Author himself! In fact, Coare’s placid, candid, dreamy, and graceful personality shines through quite vividly throughout this entire collection, revealing his winsome ability to freely convey affection, love, devotion, and desire, four highly important attributes to any true love or relationship.

One of our favorite poems to highlight this is entitled, “Rearrange The Stars.”

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“Rearrange The Stars”

The type of love most probably visualize in their fantasies or dreams, is a great way to sum up this masterpiece built of pure blissful ardor and the sparkling gold of his unconditional heart! Truthfully, any reasonable woman who understands the value of love and how much it means for a man to actually express it, boldly, with such sincerity, will absolutely sink into this poem’s comforting bed of promises - easier than quicksand! But - indeed, the submission would be well worth it...and we can’t guarantee that this poetic love-bomb won’t take your breath away! So, warning to readers: Shield your hearts and be prepared for the most beauteous images of true love before turning the next page with this one!

A classic, common, and notable subject, the power of absolute love ushers us into a world where sparks fly and skies glow with the mystical after-mist of shooting stars. This poem prompts us to ask: Is love overrated, as some may explain?

Surely, when it comes to love every heart is unique, nonetheless, we strongly believe this poem is a glorious reminder of just exactly why some may say that it is.

In this piece, Author Kyle Coare doesn’t relent in expelling his heart’s contents, which clearly spell out the meaning of, ‘in love’ and ‘true love,'' as he thrives off the deep admiration and endearment he feels for this special someone his heart adores, so much, that he will even attempt to rearrange the stars to go over and beyond to prove and display his piety! Why would anyone with a heart reject this powerful kind of love in their life?

One of our favorite and signature verses from this piece says;

“I would climb to space, rearrange the stars Spell out words from the heart To sparkle on your eyes below To light up the sky with love on show…”

Then, towards the poem’s conclusion he says;

“I’d move rivers until they spell out a special verse A poem that you can traverse…”

Saying this seemingly to testify to his own limits of unwavering devotion, which in reality, is limitless. The thought of this kind of love has an intoxicating effect on the heart and would honestly probably leave even a frowning Grinch starry-eyed!

As with this poem, we encounter many others alike that do a superb job at bringing out the Author’s talent and gift of storytelling as in the following poem, “A Leaf in the Autumn Breeze; a poem that illustrates a journey of freedom by merely the image/symbol of a leaf (nature), ” speaking directly to readers through the artistic language of metaphors, imagery, and similes as provided in the following verse and example;

“Across grand expanses the leaf advances Like it’s on a wave in a vast ocean Glides in magical dances, Under the beauty of the sky, always in motion.”

In its simplest form, one sees a leaf; one that floats like a flower’s petals in the wind, flutters like a butterfly, and drifts like a sailboat across the sea, in a sense, indicating a strong expression or form of freedom, voyage, and liberation, which can essentially be connected and interlinked in a literal manner to a specific journey, emotion, or personality.

Organized and well laid-out, reader’s will experience the rush of each season while traveling through its pages, from summer to winter, to spring to fall, in which we realize just how well life and people mirror the concept and cycle of the seasons and how they change (also how their moods and atmospheres artistically reflect humans and our reactions/patterns), whether it is a season of hot, zealous passion (indicating summer) or a time of painful winter ice-cold (indicating winter), the poems in this book are remarkable stories of the emotive and humanistic characteristics the world around us portray; rebirth (spring); passion (summer); golden dreams (autumn); wastelands of ice ( winter).

This book is definitely one of our favorites from the Author and we are glad to present it with a 5-star rating. Author Kyle Coare is both an artist and a poet in this collection, creating specially for the heart, mind, body, and soul. Beautiful work, Kyle!

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