Author Catherine Lawton’s children’s book, “Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Se

Author Catherine Lawton’s Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Catherine Lawton’s children’s book, “Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas,” is a timeless classic crafted with love, thoughtfulness, creativity, and holiday cheer, celebrating the arrival of one very popular American Holiday; Christmas!

And though many know this day as a time to exchange gifts, joy, and cheer, the Author is sure to remind readers that there is much more to this special day than the fun, laughter, and gifts.

Taking us on an exciting journey, we transition from the season of “warm soil and wiggly earthworms,” into the sparkling time of year where “high upon the mountain peaks, snowflakes are drifting in piles white and deep.”

She uses first person point-of-view effectively by allowing readers to see the story through the narrator’s perspective who is a spirited and grateful backyard bird. Author Catherine Lawton exemplifies respect and appreciation to God through the voice of the flying creature who enthusiastically praises Him for supplying “sunshine, seeds, berries, and water in spring, summer, and fall.” The Author points out the important fact that God, as Provider and Creator, cares for the needs of his creations, therefore helps them flourish and grow.

Implementing the five sense, smells, songs, and pictures of families, ornaments, and decorations set the jovial theme for readers complemented by realistic, fun illustrations. Pleasant scenes of nature combined with the anticipation filling the air builds up an excitement throughout the tale as each page gets us one step closer to something good that is coming. But what is it?

The Author poses this question to the readers asking, “What is coming?” inciting clues through images of togetherness and angels. Delightful pictures of children playing in the snow with smiles on their faces are moments captured through the eyes of the backyard bird as it rejoices in celebrating the true reason for Christmas day. “Heaven’s love is all around,” in the words of the bird, resound from the heart of the glad, blessed, and heavenly creature as it sings its song of praise upon the highest branch of the tree.

Love. Humanity, Hope. Compassion. Truth. Life. The bird pours out the most inspiring words and waves Gods love for his creations in the air like a beautiful banner, reminding us of how God’s love is the true reason Christmas is a special and glorious day!

The Author successfully concludes the story by including a list of interactive activities for families and children to do while anticipating the arrival of Christmas such as prayer, poetry, painting, reading biblical verses, and collecting items of nature.

We are pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and believe this is a wonderful attribute to any family’s collection and makes a terrific gift.

Author Catherine Lawton’s spiritual joy and love for her Creator is like a magnificent glow, bright enough for all, spreading light and love through the beauty and power of God’s grace.

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