Leaping dolphins. Golden sun. Mead surely makes it easy for you to drift off into a world of your ow

Daisies and Other Nature Poems by Author Jacqueline Mead

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Daisies and Other Nature Poems by Author Jacqueline Mead Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International Get ready to explore and travel the world in Author Jacqueline Mead's enchanting book of natural phenomena, where you will enjoy and relish in the glory of picturesque scenes of wildlife, awe inspiring landscaping, and diverse unique creatures, from pelicans and iguanas, to the mesmerizing butterfly! Author Mead's keen eye for observation takes us on an exciting journey, snapshotting some of her eyes most beautiful and memorable poetic pictures illustrated through vivid imagery, sensory details, and, of course, a stroke of artistry.

The Author's deep appreciation for all life, despite its identity, is genuine, and endows her with an adventurous spirit that reflects through poems such as “If I Were An Island;” a playful poem of personification that explores the impossible through the magic of fantasy and imagination. Interestingly, poems such as this are perfect mental vacation getaways for any person overwhelmed by the rigorous thinking and energy required for daily life. She says; “I would sing beautiful music to your ears Make the island safe and happy to chase away your fears I would add some wildlife a rugged coastline too, Maybe even a petting zoo…”

Mead aims to break free in this poem and doesn’t appear to be alone, as she expresses endearing promises, envisioning a fruitful paradise where only the best of their dreams blossom and come true. Ingenuity and the ability to ‘step out of the box' boosts this poetic escapade with energy and exemplifies finely the attribute of animation! Reading this kind of poetry induces a pleasant feeling from within. And the euphoric emotional mixture of happiness, well-being, and love tells readers that she is in a good place in her heart, as well as physically and mentally.

Perhaps this is the reason for the consistent peaceful aura and ambience that seems to flow throughout the reading of this book, just like the Indian Ocean, which she elaborates on in the featured poem, “Tranquility.” Using the power of metaphors, Author Mead compares the still, quietness of the Indian Ocean and its inherited splendor to the beautiful serenity she embraces from within as she sails upon its clear waters. Leaping dolphins. Golden sun. Mead surely makes it easy for you to drift off into a world of your own – or hers, with breathtaking descriptions! And like with many of the poems in this book, we find her ability to accurately compare the mood of nature to her own as clever and brilliant. Essentially, recording the best of both worlds (nature & emotions) to create a well-rounded, fulfilling, and relatable experience.

Even better, Author Jacqueline Mead is a natural poet and storyteller that implements her own real experiences into her work as in the following featured poem, “Northern Lights,” where she shares how they flew two thousand and a half miles to the dazzling world of Iceland to, in her words, witness “particles and atoms clashing together, sparking, arcing, igniting creating; their own spectacular fireworks show.” This particular poem, with a more realistic approach, encourages readers to get up and get out to see this incredible world – just like Mead! She includes a brief statement with this poem to vouch for the unforgettable memory of the Northern Lights being well worth it to add to anyone’s vacation list, and her voice is more than convincing. We can hear the enthusiasm and sincerity behind each and every one of her words!

Author Jacqueline Mead is more than a poet in this collection; she is an artist, an explorer, an observer, a teacher, and a lover of life. Her knowledge of our amazing world is definitely visible and is a testimony to the greatness, in simplicity and in complexity, of all living things and natural creations. Simply said, anyone can enjoy this book, and we are glad to rate it with 5-stars. So, if you are constantly holding your breath because of the hardcore routines of reality, take a deep breath, exhale, open up a copy of Author Jacqueline Mead’s “Daisies and Poems About Nature,” and let go. We promise, it is a pure breath of fresh air.

Lovely collection, Jackie. Wonderful work.

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