Akinyemi’s latest poetry collection is set to inspire and motivate other writers!

Dead Dogs Don’t Bark by Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International [Team 2]

At a certain point in time in life, everyone feels the need to reflect and dig around in their own personalized collection of thoughts, visions, and dreams. Sometimes, this reflective moment brings forth something new…And Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi has done just this with his new poetry book titled, “Dead Dogs Don’t Bark;” a sequel to his enlightening collection, “Dead Lions Don’t Roar.” Appreciatively, much like his previous book, it brings forth a new sense of emotional availability to readers that empowers, enables, and awakens the inner self. 

In fact, Akinyemi’s latest poetry collection is set to inspire and motivate other writers by breathing some of the most luminous and descriptive imagery into their souls, starting with “THE VOICE IN MY HEAD,” which leaves us with a profound, effective, visual imprint to remind us that our minds are more powerful than “rainwater discolored by the rusty roofing sheet.”

Encircling concepts from love, life, and longing, Akinyemi is a sincere human being with a strong perspective on living life to the fullest while finding your own special “bark.” This interesting metaphor can be symbolic for individuality, a special niche, or our innate uniqueness. And each poem strategically brings structure to the wide and open ambiguities of humanity and life, a useful view that any person can grow from. 

We also find that Author Akinyemi admirably highlights important aspects of our emotional well-being, reflecting both our brightest and darkest modes and mentalities, which is compelling and intriguing! For instance, in the poem titled “INDIVIDUAL AFFAIR,” he sheds light on our own ability to find comfort in misery by throwing, in the words of the Author, a 

“Banquet of pity with  friends and foes  feasting and salivating  at the sordid tales and  fails that have been…”

In truth, Akinyemi is an easy writer to cherish, as we certainly treasure outstanding poetry he creates that dares to go beyond the borders and safe templates of ‘ordinary’ to inspire both intellect and personality. For this reason (and obviously many more!), we are glad to present Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi’s, Dead Dogs Don't Bark, with a complete 5-star rating. This book is definitely a “must read” for anyone in need of inspiration or motivation and is even just a simple reminder that you must live life for YOU. After all,

"Life is an individual affair.”

*mic drop*

This book is available for purchase on https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Dogs-Dont-Bark-Collection/dp/1999815920