Author Spotlight; Megan O'Keefe : Newly Published Poet

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Realistic Poetry International is happy to shine the Author's Spotlight on Megan O'Keefe, a newly published poet looking to make this world a better, brighter place with her amazing gift for words. After you read a little bit about her below, purchase a copy of her newly released book available on Amazon! You can also join her on her blog, "Debatably Dateable!" You can also connect with the Author on Twitter or Instagram.

Book Summary:

"Cracked Open is a down to earth and vulnerable journey following the human heart as it searches for love. This collection cracks the reader's chest wide open and nourishes the heart it touches. Rising author Megan O'Keeffe offers a raw and open narrative to pull you into every poem and emotion. Divided into five chapters, this debut book also features twenty never before seen poems as well as fresh illustrations to create a complete experience for its audience."

Author Bio: 

Up and coming Poet, Megan OKeeffe has been writing poetry for the last decade and has made the leap to publish her first collection. The love and support Meg received from her blog Debatably Dateable encouraged her to make this next step in her writing career. When she’s not writing, Meg is binging Brooklyn 99 or walking her dog Maverick. You may spot her touring the newest spot on Long Island, NY with her sisters and boyfriends.

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