Poets & Poetry: Inspiring A Diverse, Creative & Expressive World

Poets & Poetry: Inspiring A Diverse, Creative & Expressive World

There is so much in our gigantic world captured through the eyes of poetry - from the beautiful magic of nature to the various emotions flowing through our human hearts. But without passionate poets such as yourself, where would the life of so many poems be?

Thankfully, we’ve had the wondrous opportunity in reading so many diverse works of poetic art and emotion from individuals from all around the world who birth some of the most heartfelt, honest, reflective, and insightful poems inquiring hearts can ever read!

From England to the United States of America, the RPI Team is truly thankful to all the wonderful poets and writers of our community who take time to share what their eyes see, ears hear, and hearts feel, day in, day out!

We respect the many levels and types of talent displayed and learn more and more about each and every one of you as you pour some of the most deepest hues of yourselves into the vibrant color of your words.

We thank you for being an example of someone who truly loves poetry and for being an example to others by using your words to express, create, and grow.

Whether sad, angry, or happy, when writing poetry, we easily slip away into a world where our dreams, fantasies, and realities collide, only to reveal stories and pictures stitched together by our right hand of experience and left hand of knowledge and truth, remarkably binding our individual and unique threads seamlessly into one.

So, together, let's stand firmly on the common, peaceful, and universal grounds of poetry with inspiring words at our side. United, we shine vivid and bright! And we appreciate all of you very much, sincerely hoping you continue to be poetically inspired as you also inspire us and others, sharing your view of the world (and yourself!) one poem at a time!

Thank you, POETS! Let's continue to grow, learn, and celebrate the art of POETRY together!