Realistic Poetry International Community Alert!!! Have you been blocked?

Dear Poets,

Over the last 6 months, Our Team has had to deal with some very bad and negative people who are intentionally trying to steal our vision, work, and ideas. Rather than attempting to build the community in a positive manner, these people choose to steal, separate and divide for personal and monetary gain. These people spread false hope and make questionable promises to whoever will listen. These people only attempt to fool you with flattery and nice words to reel you into their snare of deception. Once they feel your attention is captured, they present a replicated, disingenuous sales-pitch and even place pressure on potential victims to eagerly influence their decision to join their organization, which includes expensive sign-up fees, instant bargains and inconsistent, random deals to entice.

Please, we say to you, DO NOT be fooled, flattered, or beguiled by these conniving individuals/organizations or groups of people. We say this because we care about you, be careful. Some people who disguise themselves as, ‘new and upcoming poetry communities and writing communities,’ are only out to deceive you. These people are not focused on building a prosperous, thriving community, they are merely focused on numbers, profit, and self, even charging you for things and services that don’t truly exist today or they have yet to actually build or have prepared to professionally manage.

Most of these people and organizations are motivated by envy, jealousy, rage, greed, disappointment, and most of all, rejection. All they can visualize is their own success, and that is at any expense, even if that means hurting and exploiting others. They dedicate long hours of working hard to convince people to ‘become a member’ or ‘join in’ on a stolen vision and dream. This is why they will typically do and say anything they believe the people may 'want to hear.'

But this is not a new situation for our company. Over the years, we have had to deal with similar situations and Our Team is fully prepared to protect ourselves from bad people like this and the situations they create. We’ve also had the opportunity to discuss this widespread issue with thousands of poets who have also encountered and dealt with similar situations. And as a poetry community, we must continue to stay strong, resilient, and work together to ensure these entities and people don’t hurt, divide, or steal from any of us.

Realistic Poetry International strives to maintain an organized, positive, supportive, and healthy Poetry Community for all of those who choose to actively participate in our poetry activities. And to ensure our community stays free of the above, we have and will continue to ban and block people from our network who harass, target, abuse, or steal from the RPI Poetry Community [or any of our members].

We also proactively block and ban those who voluntarily and consciously participate with such people and organizations that target, abuse, or harass our community in any way. As a company, it is our sole responsibility to ensure the members and people of our community don’t have to worry about these types of situations.

We understand how important your words are to you and believe no one has the right to steal, copy, duplicate, or take credit for something you work hard for. The art that we all create is a part of us, and although we share that part of us with the world, it should truly be used as inspiration and not as a weapon to hurt anyone in any way. 

We respect art and the artists who create it and we will do our best to continue to promote and influence others to get involved in a community where everyone can grow and prosper. We will also continue to be proactive in removing those who abuse or interact with people who choose to abuse our community and company, which includes its members.

Finally, we would like to cover the word, inspiration. Inspiration is a great and wonderful thing, we can all use more inspiration. Through inspiration so many amazing things are created! New innovations can develop and old innovations can be improved. Inspiration has been an asset to some of the most successful people in our world. Inspiration has also been a key source in helping others get through hard times. So let’s all be inspired, and let’s all continue to inspire! And we can achieve this without stealing from each other or taking someone’s work or ideas.

Be inspired to be yourself. Be inspired to create your own. For it is no longer inspiration when your only objective is to deceive and hurt others for your own personal gain. Be inspired to grow and help others. Inspiration is not taking someone’s ideas and acting as if they're your own. Inspiration is okay. Theft is not.

We are inspired by each and every one of you every day and appreciate the words and inputs you have to share with us about different things concerning the poetry community. Together, we can accomplish many things. And with the right heart, spirit, and mind, nothing can bring us down or tear us apart. So, let’s all look forward to a positive and motivating poetic journey ahead! Because we believe the power in poetry has the ability to change the world.

Leave a comment below! We value your thoughts and feedback. Let us know about your experiences, current or from the past.

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