The rainbow? Or the butterfly?

In a recent poll, Realistic Poetry International asked the question ‘which do you believe is more poetic?’ The options were A.) a rainbow; or B.) a butterfly, and we’re excited to say that we finally have the results. The voice of the poets have spoken!

With only 29% of votes, the rainbow turned out to be the least poetic in the eyes of the poetry community. 71% of voters out of 745 people felt that the enchanting butterfly is more poetic and inspiring, and we must say that we’re not too surprised!

From metamorphosis to freedom, these gentle and friendly blessings to nature figuratively (and physically) capture the concept of change and transformation, which most humans can associate with in some way or another.

Not to mention all the various colors, patterns, and types blossoming around the globe, decorating our flower gardens in the season of spring while also helping to benefit our natural environment and earth in positive ways.

So the next time you see a butterfly fluttering nearby, use your imagination and be inspired to write a poem. Don't forget to share it with us right here on

Spread your wings, poets, it’s time to fly- together!

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