Why does Realistic Poetry International host paid poetry contests? To get rich?

Dear Poetry Community,

Realistic Poetry International poetry contests are designed to award poets for their words and bravery. We want to encourage everyone to continue to express, progress and grow with poetry. By hosting numerous poetry contests we hope to encourage the entire poetry community, non-poets and future poets, and even those who may not like poetry to grow with us. Yes, we award cash prizes and it is something our company takes much pleasure in doing.

Every year we increase these cash prizes by hundreds. And soon by thousands. But money is not what we want the poets who enter to focus on. We simply want the poets to focus on writing out their hearts and souls on paper. Becoming free to explore poetry’s entirety. We want poets to come together as a community, congratulating winners and encouraging others as we all continue to progress, together. We want poets to do their best and believe in themselves.

Life is about taking chances and as poets we must begin to take more chances. We understand that for many years poets have taken many chances only to be let down by companies that are not focused on the poets or the community’s best interest.

Realistic Poetry International has already started to change the relationship between the company and poets. Our hope this year is that we continue to grow together, support one another, learn from one another, have fun and enjoy poetry!

We will continue to do all that we can to create fun positive contests, events and free giveaways that everyone is free to participate in! We’ll also continue to seek out the best trophies and awards as we increase cash payouts so poets can finally begin receiving the due credit, respect and recognition they deserve.

We understand that most poets don’t expect these types of accolades, but Realistic Poetry International understands the power every poet possesses, so we will continue to award poets for all their hard work and contribution to our world.

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Words do change and save lives. Write poetry.


Realistic Poetry International

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