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Marcus Archer's book 'Journey to Growth and Love', reminds us all of love's true val

Marcus Archer’s ‘Journey to Growth and Love’, places readers in a position to fathom the fulfilling, long-lasting impression and effects of love, when two hearts make a positive connection that surpasses the wall of superficiality. So – guy’s, if you aren’t too sure of how to sweep a woman off her feet, we suggest using this book as guidance! And ladies, you’ll surely appreciate the author’s potent words of love, as Archer, who describes himself as a ‘hopeless romantic’, certainly knows how to place the heart high up on the pedestal of virtuosity, especially when it comes to commitment and relationships!

We begin with the first category, ‘Exciting Journey’, which includes poems such as ‘She Doesn’t Know’, ‘Whisper’, ‘For A Moment’, and ‘G In the Park’. The suave and charming poet explains the emerging thought-process behind the idea of ‘falling in love’, also recognized as, limerence.

One can easily identify, and probably even relate to some of the rapturous symptoms of romance the author portrays in this first section, like excitement, curiosity, fantasy, infatuation, attraction, and even fear of rejection. Stepping out on a limb; allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to someone else; and taking the risk are all central aspects we take away after reading the first few poems.

In ‘For A Moment’, the desire and longing to develop a closer bond or relationship with a person of interest, is the preliminary door to building a promising tomorrow for a flourishing romance, even lacking the aptitude to predict what may come of it. The poem takes on a zealous, infatuated tone, as the narrator undergoes an overwhelming surge of fascination and attraction to their potential mate.

Intricate details; tangible and abstract, such as fragrance (ex: “she passed by me and I smelled her perfume”), physical beauty (ex: “her eyes and hair lit up the room”), and body language (ex: “her movements were like a song’s great tune”) are used throughout the poems to help readers mentally envision the power of attraction, as it is a pull and tug at the heart impossible to ignore. So - after wishing and basking in his own palpable fantasy, the narrator finally ‘makes the connection’ when we encounter the third category/section of the book, ‘Connections’.

This section focuses in on communication, intimacy, and establishing a good and healthy bond between two potential mates. Poems like ‘Delight’ are simple and capture the mesmerizing feeling of romance in three easy words; “I am delighted.” The actual order the author chooses to arrange the poems in under this category, by title (Delight, Desire, Fire, Our Love, Thinking, Connecting, Distance, Let Me Know, Lasting Love, Grow Love…), mirrors the progress between the two characters, expressing blossoming ardor and passion, now, not just by feelings, thoughts, and words, but also by planning and action.

The narrator’s optimism and gentle spirit under this category, is inclined to understand and grow with his new partner, hence the title of the book. ‘Time With Me’, a poem that encourages closeness, presses this urgency saying “Talk to me. Let me understand you. Let me listen to your stories. Let me be your friend.” Marcus’s words are so inviting, we find it hard to imagine his person of interest will decline the offer! The poem ‘None Better’, furthermore reaffirms his loyalty and dedication to the relationship, testifying to the splendid happiness and joy the presence of his woman brings to his life, as he humbly vows to love her, forevermore. We’re happy to eventually read that the narrator feels the love he expresses so freely, is reciprocated, in the poem ‘The Way You Look At Me’. With such elegance and grace, each poem opens the heart to the wonder and magic of sharing your life with someone you adore. And it is beautiful!

To sum up or thoughts, the initial quest and ‘search’ for that special someone, as written in ‘G In The Park’ (first poem in the book), to ultimately ‘Make One Become Two’ (last poem in the book), inspires a positive outlook on the definition of love and proves that it is ageless! Archer’s collection of affectionate verses enchants the spirit and instills an incredibly important piece of advice in us all; live life on earth with love. It all begins with one moment.

Romantic and lovely book, Marcus! We are pleased to rate this book with a 5-star rating!

Get your copy today.

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