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Author Karmel Poet's 'Metaphors, Moans, and More', is shockingly provocative, X-rated, w

Metaphors, Moans, and More by Karmel Poet is an adult poetry book that falls under the category of ‘erotica’, highlighting the physical aspects, thoughts, and actions between man and woman, extremely explicit and graphic in word diction, expression, language, and imagery.

Before moving forward with our thoughts, for the sake of our younger audience and viewers, and due to the X-rated content and theme of this book, we do not suggest or recommend this type of book to an immature or young (youth, children, teenagers) audience, or anyone else that may find the graphical quality and content of this book offensive.

Karmel Poet forms provocative, passionate metaphorical arrangements that can pull readers in two completely opposite directions – depending on the individual reading and interpreting the poem. We use the poem, ‘Pace’, as an example.

Considering the sensual lingo, and the sultry outgoing personality of the narrator, this poem depicts two completely opposite visions; in one, a passionate physical rendezvous, and the other, an invigorating and friendly competitive jogging experience, essentially describing both scenes/acts as her ‘morning run’. This title, like many others throughout the book, is purely a metaphorical facade, and when fully examined beyond the surface, unveils the characters’ true, heated intentions.

Through strong use of essential writing elements such as tone and voice, the author’s subjective nature vividly reveals her deep yearning and outspoken call for intimacy, affection, as well as copulation – 3 common aspects of a healthy and well-rounded relationship.

However, in this case, desire certainly trumps love, or a relationship! For the core of the character’s heart seems definitively adamant about one thing, and one thing only – and that’s physical satisfaction and pleasure, using the nature, act, and implication of sexual activity to conjure up and imagine various random sexual encounters, alternating back and forth between male and female personas.

The featured poem, ‘Neighbors’, uses 2 characters, a first-person male persona, and first person female persona to illustrate their physical attraction towards each other, and to insinuate the buildup of passion, curiosity, and ardor, which ultimately leads to a casual climatic encounter as well.

Karmel Poet’s candid openness and gateway to her inner fantasies are direct and do not deny the inevitable carnality of human beings. But what happens when ordinary feelings of excitement transform into rapturous, uncontrollable thoughts, then actions?

Well, the featured poem, ‘Can’t Help Myself’, tells all, unashamedly! Interestingly, this poem switches roles and perspectives, using a male’s first-person point of view to effectively demonstrate and emphasize the reality of hypersexuality, otherwise known as, sex addiction.

Hooked and dependent, the heated, licentious character contemplates sacrificing his family, kids, and wife for one night of temptation, and a stranger.

Wild, rapid thoughts build up a fast, vivacious tempo, while the author clings closely to rhyme, disguises provocative revelations through X-rated metaphors, indulges in lascivious expression, with risky, chief characteristics such as impulsivity, recklessness, and immorality prevailing, as the character candidly confesses, “I don’t want rehabilitation”.

In essence, Metaphors, Moans, and More is a poetic illustration of a mind consumed, inspired, motivated, and possibly even persuaded by sexual activity and engagement. The narrator does not hold back, freely indulging in their own world of realistic fantasies; wanton, and completely overtaken by the tempting, persuasive grasp of impulse and sexual attraction.

We present this book with a 3-star rating, and believe it is tailored specifically for erotica enthusiasts and zealots, sensuously exposing, from beginning to end!

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