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Author Kristin Hunt is bold, honest, and real in her interpersonal book, "I'm Much Better O

Kristin Hunt’s, "I'm Much Better On Paper", is bold, assertive, expressive, and reverberates with the unmistakable power of raw honesty! The author's outspoken confidence produces effective persuasive verses, while her words keep us entertained, informed, and compelled by a series of well-written, thought-provoking prose and poetry.

In this book, the author opens up to readers in a way in which the audience can actually imagine who she is, and also learn how she views specific universal and personal topics, with educated and logical explanations. Furthermore, her reality reveals much about her own inner and outer character, as Hunt remains incredibly transparent in holding true to herself and identity, capable and seemingly comfortable to confess flaws and all!

The first piece (or introduction in the book), a combination of both poetry and prose, can be considered evidence, outlining some of the author’s traits and qualities; like how she has her dad’s legs and a fear of escalators.

This realistic style makes her poetry personable, with a spark of dry-humor, causing occasional mental laughs and some verbal nods; while on the other hand, also draws the line and unapologetically makes a stance on warped political, historical, and societal standards.

Some of these topics include feminism, providing common stereotypical examples between male and female, pointing out double-standards some women suffer due to the ‘role’ of men. Also, America and slavery, as she revisits the horrid and haunting past of African-American slavery in America, in one piece, refuting the haughty insensitive words spoken by her Caucasian volleyball peer, disgusted at the ugliness of bigotry, injustice, inequality, and racism.

Hunt’s articulate scope on love and politics announces her individuality, displays open-mindedness, and makes the author's writing subjective, yet unbiasedly free! Her will to "tell it like it is", good or bad, can help others learn to delight in the liberation of writing, and the magic of poetry. She even includes a section in the book, "College", nonchalantly admitting to an erratic Freshman year of hardcore intoxication and academic underperformance, forcing readers to ponder the consequential after effects, if any.

Priorities and values make appearances in poems such as "Politics", and "Love Letter to my Parents", paying tribute to family bonds, ties, and beliefs, while recognizing the multitude of changes that can occur within a family. She uses her own life as an example, and we admire her ability to share bits and pieces about tough situations such as 'divorce'. We appreciate the fact that her writing tends not to focus on imperfection, but rather the idea of growth, learning, observation, and moving forward.

Hunt concludes her book with, ‘Last One, I Promise’, a testimony and inspirational message to pass along to others, using the creation of this book as a literary token of her progression towards writing and self-evolvement. Author Kristin Hunt's verbal and poetic delivery makes this one book hard to put down. We’re pleased to present, "I'm Much Better On Paper", with a 5-star rating, happy to recommend it to others!

Compelling read, Kristin!

Get your copy today!

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