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Author Shawn Hudson defines 'character' by 'color' in his censorious book, "Poe

Peace. Love. And harmony. Unity and division. What is the definition of a 'racist'? Contradictory paradoxes in America. Author Shawn Hudson's, "Poetic Thoughts Of A Rebel", is a divisive, opinionated collection of poems that pridefully supports and endorses, solely, the minority community in America (African-American, Hispanic, Puerto Rican…), while unfairly targeting people of Caucasian descent (White), negatively, automatically making any person with white skin or complexion, his "oppressor" and enemy. Why?

This book's primary theme of, 'rebellion', clearly sets the tone as the narrator loosely vents out the woes and adversities he feels minorities are forced to battle, as a long-term result and consequence of African-American slavery in America.

Hudson’s frustration is directed at both whom he labels as the "oppressor", the White race, and the "oppressed", the minority community, particularly Black people, feeling each side, collectively, has a role to play in some of the Black community’s incompetence’s, struggles, and overall tribulations.

Hudson's words are sharp and aggressive, often using foul and obscene language throughout the book to express and emphasize important points. Considering that many of the poems and messages included in this book make mention of, and target the youth, parents and adolescent readers may find the language and content distracting from central underlying views, inappropriate and discriminative, or just downright disrespectful and offensive - no matter what color your skin. In other words, this book isn’t for an undeveloped audience.

Poems with intentions to educate the black community, instead read as discriminatorily imposing and contradictive, taking away from the informative and edifying goal of the author, and even insults those within the Black community whose ideals, beliefs, and perspectives are unaligned with his own. Some of the author's tactics of emphasis include, character assassination, racial stereotyping, the use of one-sided claims and arguments, and sardonic satire.

Taking this into account, as readers and extreme enthusiasts for youth across the globe, the technique, delivery, and word diction the author chooses to covey feelings regarding self-improvement, history, and humanity is rash and blindly judgmental. In fact, readers will find that the author’s words mirror the exact identity he blatantly claims to despise – prejudiced and discriminative, labeling White’s as “devils”, and opposing Blacks, “stuck-up”; contentious and conflict-ridden, pompously perpetuating war and hatred between two human races (which, in reality, have already proven to live together and build relationships); and lastly, awfully bigoted, boasting in the superiority of his own views and opinions, while expressing mere intolerance of any others.

Poems such as, “Senseless”, “Throwing Stones”, “The Election”, and “Bum Love” are written in a lecture-like style, projecting the narrator’s beliefs and thoughts on matters such as women and relationships, politics and governmental affairs, and the challenges minorities face when raised in the slums.

To sum up our thoughts, Hudson’s book is emotional, reflective and noticeably resentful, as he lives with a deep void, blaming both, Whites and Blacks in America, for the issues currently rampant within the Black community and culture.

Hudson’s writing is simple and basic, making his poetry easily interpretable, however, lacks persuasiveness, credibility, and integrity - even though he regularly criticizes others. Lost in the author’s verses of insular condescending and patronizing dogma, “Poetic Thoughts Of A Rebel” is not a book we would recommend to our readers and audience, therefore we rate this collection with a 1-star.

This type of book certainly deals with some critical and sensitive topics revolving around life, people, and love, but leaves us with only one question that only the future can hold.

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