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Author Mahinour Tawfik's poetry collection, "Dark Secrets", is mysteriously charming,

It doesn’t seem entirely conceivable to imagine an idea such as ‘beautiful darkness’, but Author Mahinour Tawfik’s Collection of Poetry: “Dark Secrets”, takes us beyond the shadows and is undeniably enticing!

In the beginning, the author illustrates her inability to escape a horrid prison of pain, then transitions into what feels like a whimsical fantasy of romance, and expresses some views on a variety of topics under the societal and political umbrella; which includes stature and status, the Gaza-Israeli war, the British Mandate Period, self-esteem and image, and the state of humanity.

Reading the first set of poems, we can feel the narrator trying to stay afloat in the deepness of her own despair, and can also sense the heaviness of extraordinary pain and agony weighing in on her feeble heart, so badly, that when we read of her disturbing contemplations that give hints to suicide, we are convinced to know, why? Poems such as, “Farewell Life”, “Dear Diary”, and “Next Day’s Scenario” are some incredibly powerful examples.

These types of poems create a seriously distressing, melancholy temperament, greatly intensified by the tempestuous voice’s raft of icy, cold emotions! Her words, like blood stones, are red with passion, substantially heavy, and pour out from the roots of her life’s irrepressible anguish.

As readers, we are curious about the circumstantial details concerning the narrator’s ominous outlook on herself and detrimental state of mind. We ask the question, what person, experience, or trauma can possibly bring her to such dark and unfavorable crossroads? More importantly, how will she overcome?

Well, In the poem, “Phobia”, she’s transparent enough to verbally confess her immobility to living, feeling “shackled behind bars”, and then calling herself a “vulnerable slave”. She then says, “demons keep chasing me when I have nowhere to run. Sorrow keeps devouring but no shoulder to cry on”.

As the narrator’s incapacitated heart continues to cry out, unremittingly, the desire to escape the looming hopelessness and sorrow controlling her pessimistic scope on life becomes more of a burden, than a fantasy, wish, or dream, as she sees no vision of freedom or portal to exit, and her suffering is unceasing.

After reading poems like, “Numb” and “Paralyzed”, we think of sullen evocative adjectives like ‘cold’, and ‘icy’, to properly describe the narrator’s heart wrenching versification, as these intimate and personal poems, overall, indicate vulnerability and seclusion, and worst of all, the noxious plague of depression.

At one point, in “Phobia”, she says, “can’t stand my reflection”, brazenly loathing her individual identity, while simultaneously, succumbing to the dreadful psychological, physical, and spiritual war that maleficently slogs her soul through the coarse, rugged grit and grime of life.

Though we hope with all our might that the narrator, eventually, overcomes the harrowing adversity vexing every inch of her being, the anticipation of ‘death’ literally has us holding our breath, with each poem’s conclusion only seeming to move closer to the cliff’s edge.

As a writer, Tawfik’s mind is brilliant. She is brave enough to open this collection with her own courageous testimony as a survivor of depression, and can use her words in a positive light to persuade or guide others. In addition to this, the author is skilled in fusing the art of poetry with the secrets that live within her heart. Some more of our favorites from this collection are “Queen of Thrones”, “Nations Cry”, “Anorexia”, “Red Rose”, “Dance with Me”, and “The Masquerade”.

Blessed with such a useful and graceful gift, we’re glad to present this book with a 5-star rating, and value the intricate work, thought, and strategy wielded into the book. “Dark Secrets: A Collection of Poetry”, by Mahinour Tawfik is informative, insightful, open, and incredibly diverse.

So, get prepared for one emotionally, riveting journey…and get your copy today!

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