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Neha Jindal’s Phases of Moon is a small collection, but it sparkles with a genuine appreciation for

Neha Jindal’s Phases of Moon is a small collection, but it sparkles with a genuine appreciation for life and love. It weaves a tapestry of ideas like little stars dotting the night, some aglow with happiness and others muted from apprehension and doubt, reflecting that same double-sided nature that exists with love. Sometimes it will be innocent joy and other times it will be anxiety or anger.

Phases of Moon touches on different times of life and different depths of the heart that go in a cycle, from the shallows of youth and light infatuation to the deep waters of a family’s established love later on. Other than perhaps a few awkward rhyme schemes, it carries its themes pretty well:

“I am a lover and here to say, That for my beloved’s sins let me pay. True love lies not in words, but in heart, Because, feelings are true and words are flirt.” -from “For Someone Special”

One poem that stood out to me and I thought was particularly poignant was “Vicious Life”, which brings up a rather dark question whose answer would be almost impossible to pinpoint – what causes the little corruptions to us, and to our selves, as we age? What is it, exactly, that leaves such scars and dents on the innocent, hopeful outlook we are born with as we grow into life? “Vicious Life” seems to suggest it may be that we fall prey to the habits and expectations of all those who came before us, or perhaps it is just the passing of time that causes us to lose little pieces of ourselves.

The illustrations are cute and a nice touch, though I’m not sure how a few of them really fit the poem they go with. I thought that the collection had potential to stretch out a bit more – it feels very brief and a bit cut off at the end, like it might have had more poems. I would’ve liked to have seen a few more, personally.

I enjoyed this collection, though. It felt very heartfelt and optimistic, but also realistic. Phases glistens with a charming joie de vivre that’s nice to see in poetry, and I think other readers would appreciate this about it as well.

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