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With upbeat, free-spirited rhymes and brave, daring power words, we can honestly say that this is a

I Am Unique: Poems to Inspire Self-Belief by Sue Williams

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

I Am Unique is a book that does exactly what its subtitle vividly proclaims: Inspire self-belief!

Using positive words and rhymes, Author Sue Williams' ambitious collection of poems highlights and elaborates on certain ideas and liberties valuable to humanity and in certain instances, particularly women. This includes ideas such as freedom of expression, individualism and independence, the pursuit of happiness, goals and dreams, plus the meaningfulness of self-discovery and evolution.

Reading the Author’s introduction, we are immediately grasped by the strength and grace displayed in the opening, as it is the perfect starter to win and gain readers attention!

She successfully accomplishes this while shining the light on a special featured poem a part of this collection entitled, “BELIEVE!”, which prominently defines this book’s unmistakable, glowing positive energy.

This invigorating mantra, crafted with the thoughtfulness of women in mind, yet versatile enough for any man or woman to be affected, is a perfect, potent combination of wisdom, inspiration, truth, compassion, encouragement, and how can we forget, rhythm and rhyme!

Throughout the poem, Author Sue Williams touches on many challenges one may face during the process of becoming more than ‘average,’ truthful about the temporary discomfort of growth and change. She reiterates the value of our potential to do things that impact not only ourselves and our own personal lives, but also those around us who have, “Sometimes been squashed, ignored, or diligently working; self-effacing, behind a screen of uniformity…”

Empowering and outspoken, the featured poem “BELIEVE!” truly sets the stage for the prosperous and optimistic theme that dominates this collection!

We appreciate how it is laced with brief, wise, timeless quotes that introduce the start of new sections throughout the book, compelling readers to consider the different various phases and spells one may encounter while embarking on a journey of self-discovery, growth and change.

One quote says, “Root out the dreaded weed that with stranglehold, choked down our well-intentioned schemes…,” then seamlessly leads into other clarifying and awareness poems such as “Deadened Down There,” “Silent Families,” and one of our favorites, “Lost in the Teapot.”

In relation to the quote, each and every single one of these poems exemplify the ‘stranglehold’ effect she mentions by emphasizing the dangers of crippling stigmas such as silence, low self-esteem, low self-worth, monotony, and idleness.

To counter this, featured poem “I Am Unique,” also the core of the book’s concept and theme, starts out with a burst of enlivening inspiration saying,

“Set out your stall; allow true expression of your amazing inner selves…,” as to describe and encourage one to break apart from the ‘closed-in,’ silent character described in the previous segment.

Williams words are charismatic, dig deep and are remarkably transcending, and by reading this book we believe her words will help many dispirited and timorous women to look deep into their hearts and souls to unearth momentous potential and talent, waiting to be unbridled!

With upbeat, free-spirited rhymes and brave, daring power words, we can honestly say that this is a heartening thriving book of poetry in motion, with poems such as “Movement,” “Flowing Free” and “Spring Free” as proof and excellent examples of this book's free-flowing nature!

Other expressive poems such as, “Banish Your Blues,” have an artistic arty aura, figuratively and literally speaking, using the themes of watercolor and painting as compelling concepts to convey specific engaging illustrations/analogies like, “Wash away woeful worries,” “Grab a handy paintbrush, allow it to run rife,” “Splatter vivid colour, plaster over past regrets,” and “Relish rainbow revelations, brush away those blues!”

We are happy to rate this book with a full five stars and sincerely appreciate the creativity, knowledge, guidance, insight and motivation it has to offer to readers. It is a valuable, splendid inspirational book, especially for women, and is a great propel for anyone who is looking to get their ship sailing!

So break free of the old that fearfully confides in the dull grayness of cloudy shadows and discover the sparkly, unique stowed away treasures and gifts that radiate your heart aglow, and the hearts of others, as you successfully emerge into a new You; a You that realizes “Your light under a bushel;” a You that rises again and again, casting off chains; a You that grasps your opportunities, standing in your power.

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