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Prisoner of the Mind by Author Kyle Coare is a work of pure tears, love, and crimson with blood. Rea

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Prisoner of the Mind by Kyle Coare

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

“Scars never heal, they reveal your soul, heart, your whole”

-from “Cut”

Smooth and lyrical, Kyle Coare’s Prisoner of the Mind is like a glimpse of bright sun awakening a forgotten cell. It is a fresh ray of hope burning through a mire of despair, and yet it also acknowledges its darkness openly, without fear or shame.

Death and inner turmoil are heavy themes in this collection. Whether they are creating a soulful sense of optimism for the future or diving into the hellish depths of the past, these poems are brimming with raw emotion. Coare’s language is swift and powerful like a tribal drumbeat. Prisoner of the Mind also tackles tough and personal subjects such as suicide, depression, alcoholism, substance addiction and mental illness with the same unwavering frankness and feeling.

“The look in your eyes, you want to be anywhere but here You always smile before you dig the knife in, What are you running from? What do you fear? Days lost to drug-filled rage, can you still find love within? Find a place in this world, turn a new page.”

-from “Running”

Prisoner of the Mind is a work of pure tears, love, and crimson with blood. I feel it will resonate with many readers, if not indeed every reader in one way or another. I highly recommend it with a solid 5 out of 5 stars. It had many strong points, but those which stood out most I believe, are “Forest of Hate”, “Running”, “Self Destruct”, “Shattered Mirror”, “Graveyard Judges” and “Cut”.

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