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We must admit that in Author Jaqueline Mead's 'Two Princes and a Princess Visits the Wild Wi

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Two Princes and a Princess Visit the Wild Wild West

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Two Princes and a Princess Visit the Wild Wild West by Jacqueline Mead is the perfect children’s story for all kids, boys and girls!

Yet again, in another adventurous pursuit of fun, anticipation, and learning, frolicsome character’s, Prince Simon, Prince Jason, and their younger sister, Princess Sophie, take off like a Rocketship, blasting off into a world where the spirited siblings visit and experience a piece of history they never imagined…until now! Thanks to the oldest, Prince Simon!

Like many kids, Prince Simon finds inspiration through his boredom at home, leading him down to the basement, straight to the “rickety old wardrobe,” where mostly all of the children’s great adventures are born. And he doesn’t forget to invite Sophie and Jason to come and join him in his latest destination to; Deadwood Gulch, USA, the land of cowboys and girls; the land of the Wild Wild West!

Filled with wonder, the explorative trio temporarily leave their plain-old, ordinary home life behind and transform themselves into Wild Wild West venturers by dressing in cowboy attire (for the boys), and a cowhide dress, boots, and Indian Squaw headdress for the young gal, Princess Sophie. Dressed for the occasion, the three set out on their journey which takes place in the eighteen seventies, long, long ago.

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that Mead creates a dual-type setting (two places in which the story occurs) by dividing the story’s theme between ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy.’ Though the kids escape, mentally, they’re still comfortably within the walls of their home, safe and sound.

One of the first major signs to verify they’ve reached their destination is the teepee Princess Sophie spots, and as they approach even closer, there is an Indian reservation, where the pleasant people of the Sioux tribe are settled.

Author Jaqueline Mead’s approach to make this whimsical escapade both entertaining and informative by sharing some of the cultural diversity indigenous to the Sioux is a strong plus for this book!

With this theme, many of the children in our reading group are now inclined to know more about how and why Indians are important to the Wild Wild West, while finding their distinguished Indian culture fascinating and interesting too!

So, whether you already know about the land and people of Sioux, or haven’t heard anything about them at all, with this book, readers will have the opportunity to consider some of the Native Indian tribe’s common traditions such as hunting, cooking, and riding horses, just like Princes Simon and Jason, and Princess Sophie!

The Sioux’s role in the book displays hospitable Indians who assist the crew in getting closer to their destination, teaching valuable characteristics and traits of humanity such as politeness, kind-heartedness, manners, helpfulness, guidance, diversity and teamwork! Effective positive reinforcements for both parents and children.

Once the Sioux help the trio safely arrive at their next stop, the children bid their farewells goodbye, then meet a familiar face they recognize from history class, Wild Bill (Simon’s history class teacher)!

Wild Bill resides in the local town where the kids’ eyes witness cool, wild wild west life, like wooden huts, cargo, and horses pulling carriages! We must admit that Author Jaqueline Mead does such an excellent job at breathing life into her scenes, it’s honestly hard to believe the children are merely using their imagination and aren’t actually living in the Wild Wild West! Which much acclaim to her creative rhymes and artful storytelling!

In addition to this, as the scenes in the story progress, to our surprise, we find that one of the key objectives in this expedition, outside of getting into some fun, is to prepare Prince Simon’s mind for an upcoming history exam, which will specifically be on the time period and history of the Wild Wild West!

Author Jaqueline Mead’s clever strategy in adding value to this storyline by implementing and emphasizing the presence of education in children’s lives, in this case, world history, is innovative, meaningful, and may even be useful in getting your child/children to exercise their imagination for not only amusement purposes, but for learning purposes and school, too!

Princes Simon, Jason, and Princess Sophie’s voyage continue as Wild Bill acts as their guide, giving them an in-depth tour on all the different places in the Wild Wild West. From the local Post Office to the Blacksmiths down the road, all the way down to the famous and renown cowboy rodeo; the young explorers gain a healthy insight into the life of the Wild Wild West, Wild Bill even goes on to show the trio how a real cowboy rides and throws a lasso!

But is it enough for Simon to ace his history exam? We sure hope so!

Until then, Wild Bill and the children part ways as their time in this electrifying chimera expires and they must head back to reality.

Back into the Rocketship they go to return home where their mother anxiously awaits them and their empty tummies, unaware of this recent endeavor. With the children’s long, extended absence, she displays her concern for Simon and his history exam, offering to help him review to ensure her son’s success, just like any good mother would!

But- the kids believe they have it all figured out, leaving them to decline their mother’s offer. Instead, the story goes;

“The children laughed and cried, Princess Sophie sighed, “No need mummy,” “we know all about it, we’ve all been there.”

Then, Prince Simon, as sleepy as a pillow, says, “Can we just have some tea and go straight to bed, I promise I have all the knowledge of the Wild Wild West clearly in my head, at least enough to pass the history test,” finishing this story with some jocularity and a smile.

We are happy to say that our Youth Children’s Reading Group enjoyed Jaqueline Meads Two Princes and a Princess Visit the Wild Wild West from beginning to end!

We definitely recommend it to others and present this book with a 5-star rating! It is a terrific reminder that subliminally teaches us to never forget just how far we can go when we put our minds to use…and our imagination!

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