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We believe Author Eric Christopher Jackson's "Redemption," is an excellent choice for

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Redemption by Author Eric Christopher Jackson

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Do you believe your life has a purpose in this world? A purpose bigger and greater than the obvious? Or have you given up, feeling as if there's no point to set goals or envision dreams in life's ever-changing, flowing stream of opportunity and adversity?

If so, Author Eric Christopher Jackson's reflective collection of poems entitled, "Redemption," is the perfect reminder to emphasize how our "crucial mistakes" and errs that, sometimes, seem 'impossible to recover from,' are actually not moments of opportunity to quit, go idle, or give up.

In fact, this book tells us how these antagonistic, confounding instances are actually moments that allow us to learn, grow, and most of all understand the value and true meaning of the word; Redemption. After reading, you will be sure to consider what redemption means to you and your life.

Using a chronological layout, the book starts out by taking us back to the year of 2014. The poems are dated as if taken from a journal or diary, adding a personal touch to the book’s concept and layout. We appreciate this simplistic signature as it allows us to be knowledgeable of the development and transition’s he underwent from 2014 and so on.

One piece that stands out t us, “Divided,” is a great example of transition, dated April 2, 2014, illustrating the disturbing chain-effects that occur when a home is no longer a home and instead, “the house is set ablaze.”

Author Eric Christopher Jackson concludes this poem by signifying the extent of what the word ‘division’ means to him in this moment saying, “My family, no longer next to me.”

The concepts of self-discovery, identity, conflict, evolution, and transition seem to be the most relevant themes of the book with poems such as, "Be," "Answers," and "Meaning," as Jackson curiously wonders about not only himself, but also the vast world he inhabits and all its accompanied multifaceted layers.

Why is he here? Why is the sky blue? How do we each play into the bigger picture of society? There are many mysteries even scientists can never solve.

With this, we feel the Author’s keen sense of wisdom helps to guide him through life’s still shadows of ambiguity, like a revolving conundrum, moving him into different phases, and with each step, challenging him with numerous queries, like riddles, leaving him to search and seek not only the world, but also himself for answers.

And thanks to his unwavering faith and belief, he is able to remain afloat, above ground while doing so. Poems like “I Believe” and “Him,” are both clear depictions of Author Jackson’s spirituality in which he opens up his heart, acknowledging the Maker of the Universe, written February 13, 2015.

And though he does not mention the name of the One he reverences specifically, his relationship with a higher being appears to influence his overall gentle and principled nature, such as in the poem, “Save Them (pg. 55),” a poem in which he truly shows us his golden heart of a hero.

We believe this book is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially men, revealing some of the more intimate and silent battles they may face and keep inside, like feelings of rejection and thoughts of never being “good enough” for a woman (Enough; pg. 67), physically, mentally, and financially.

With constant portrayals and stereotypes of what a man is and how he should be defined bombarding the media and public eye, we commend Author Jackson for shedding light on his own experience to remind us men are and can be just as vulnerable as their opposite and may not always be the prototype advertised on television.

Regardless, his heart, soul, and mind are the true determining factors that define him and his legacy.

Author Eric Christopher Jackson continues to extol love and humanity in several poems and is one who believes when fully applying yourself in life, dreams can be achieved. His poetry instills principles of patience, buoyancy (Fly Anyway; pg. 80), hope (This Time; pg. 84), unity (The Noun; pg. 78), family (Giggles’ Dream; pg. 83), love (Just To See You; pg. 88), friendship (Friendly; pg. 101) and positivity (Make a Change; pg. 98).

With multiple doses of inspiration, his poetry is fueling, and his diehard spirit is undeniably infectious! In metaphorical terms, Jackson is strong enough to carry the burden of life’s woe and adversity with a smile yet gentle enough to find hope in a simple meeting between he and a furry feline!

Admittedly, there are times we read poems that communicate a certain incompleteness in his life, like in the selection, “Family,” where he admires all of the families and people in them, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, finding himself wishing to have one of his own. A hint of sadness finds its way into our mind, but when considering his heart of compassion and determined, ambitious spirit, it is safe to say he is more than likely not too far away!

Philosophical and in tune with the world of politics, ethics, and societal dilemmas, Author Eric Christopher Jackson has a voice that declares to be heard, and can surely motivate those hanging on life’s edge, close to giving up. He is one who advocates for a better tomorrow, a better world, and a successful body of people inhabiting it. Willing to speak up, stand up, and make a difference by living as an example, he confirms his vision of peace and prosperity through action, spirit, and words.

We are extremely happy to present this book with a 5-star rating and believe reading this book will get many people through tough times, as he once told himself, “I can’t do it.”

But there are those instances we must love when we prove ourselves wrong. And just like Jackson, we may look back on ourselves to humbly admit, “I was wrong.”

Purely motivationally inspiring! Great read!

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