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Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s 'Dead Dogs Don’t Bark' wakes up the soul from its apathy, so you’ll want

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s Dead Dogs Don’t Bark

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s Dead Dogs Don’t Bark is a blend of inspirational and personal

poetry. It brightens the imagination like opening a window to the sun after being closed

up in shadows for a long time. The prose runs smoothly and is fast-paced like song


Dead Dogs Don’t Bark wakes up the soul from its apathy, so you’ll want to run towards

your dreams.

We all face the problem of procrastination at some point, and not seizing our

opportunities while we have them. Before you know it, years have gone by without any


Akinyemi’s collection warns against this, and screams a big “NO” to the thought of

allowing one’s life to be wasted. Life is too precious, even in its sadder moments. You

could say that countering procrastination and living to the fullest you can with what you

have is the book’s main theme.

Though it deals with tough subjects such as losing a loved one, Dead Dogs Don’t Bark

remains lively and encouraging in its messages. I feel it would be a good

recommendation to those who are down and those who are feeling discouraged or burnt

out, to ease that burden a little bit.

Some poems here are gentle and others are like thunderheads chanting. Dead Dogs

Don’t Bark can be quite spiritual, and shows a love and appreciation for other people

and all that they do.

Some strong points are “Sleeping Deity”, “We Can Be the Sunshine”, “Nigeria”,

“Woman”, “Procrastination 2”, and “Yes, You Can”. “Yes, You Can” was a personal

favorite – simple but beautiful.

I really enjoyed the fusion of Nigerian culture into some of the poems, such as “Sleeping

Deity” and “Baba Seventy”, and learning more about them through the author’s


This collection feels like it was made with a lot of care. Akinyemi’s concepts are very

valuable, relatable and accessible. I admire its mission to strengthen everyone who reads it as well as tell some interesting stories.

Dead Dogs Don’t Break has a great message to get out there, and as we know, just a

brief poem can have the power to make a world of difference.

A five out of five stars.

“Look into the mirror

Rewrite your story

Face your personal demons

Smile like a champion”

-from “Haunted

This book is available for purchase at

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