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Trapped within the crimson walls of his own modest heart, Author Kyle Coare shares the inspiring poe

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Prisoner of the Heart by Author Kyle Coare

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

If there is any place on Earth good for mankind to avoid, it's probably safe to say prison is definitely high on the list, detaining multitudes of souls like animals in a zoo, as hope, love, and freedom live happily on the outside. Confined to consequence, the word, 'prisoner,’ quickly becomes a familiar sound to penitentiary ears as the thought of freedom is reduced to merely a tempting fairy-tale or fantasy never to come true; for systems show no mercy towards sin, negotiating only a fee in return for emancipation.

But - can monetary means also purchase the key to unlock the door to the prison of our own heart? It’s one thing to go to the penitentiary and have your freedom deliberately retracted as a form of criminal punishment, but the the situation becomes a tad bit more interesting and complex when your the one who gives yourself the life sentence and throw away the key. But maybe the heart isn’t that bad of a place to be…

Trapped within the crimson walls of his own modest heart, Author Kyle Coare shares the inspiring poetic accounts of his experience with this entrapment, consistently denoting instances of loss, pain, betrayal, wishes, loyalty, dreams, hope, trust, and motivation.

Primarily influenced by the theme of love, this collection of poetry is one where true conflict lies not in the standard idea of ‘man vs state,’ when inmates live separate from normal society, but is instead formed out of the multiple scarlet seeds of sorrow, nostalgia, and memories his life plants overtime, mentally, which eventually grow and entwine with the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives cultivated from the garden of his heart.

Somber and melancholic, at times, Author Kyle Coare is overcome by the wildly, withered, growing weeds infesting his delicate heart as it is stripped of some of the most important nutrients needed, such as love, trust, and light, to endure some of life's harshest, cold seasons.

Treading a path of loneliness intensifies this as he says, “Alone, the gloom in this dark room too much time spent in my head, entombed (Peeling Back The Layers; pg. 50),” utilizing pungent descriptive words/metaphors such as ‘isolation,’ ‘stranger watching on outside,’ ‘a shell to hide within,’ ‘I feel small,’ and ‘nervous energy’ to illustrate and exemplify his dispirited mood.

Eager for companionship to escape this grim place of emotional suppression, yet reluctant to fully open up the gate to invite anyone else in, Coare begins peeling back the layers of his inner self saying, ‘No one sees me, the truth being beneath.”

As he twiddles between love and the risks associated, he offers his full dedication and commitment to someone who only is parallel to his own vision - but will his fear of “too many beatings, hurt feelings, and mistreatment” continue to prevent the rising of his morning sun? After all, how can anything good be grown in only the bleak night and cold of the darkness?

Other poems such as “Forest Of Lost Hope,” “Distant Star,” and “Stages” vividly illustrate this confliction and fluently convey his constant heartache and anxiety. But after all of the lonesome nights and vexing mental conversations with himself, we find that Author Coare is far from afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, courageously pre-warning the future of his broken past as he still struggles to repair and recover damaged pieces of it, even today. Reminiscing of old days seem to play a positive and negative role in this process, as in the featured poem, “Photograph,” reeling him back into time only to often leave him full of inquiry, empty, and lost.

Torn between what love is and isn’t, the ups and downs of a relationship get the best of him in poems such as, “Battle-zone,” and highlight featured poem, “Prisoner Of The Heart,” in one instance, confined to his own, ‘heart shaped hell,” and on the other hand, self-liberated, as he moves onwards to bigger and better.

This variation of his emotions throughout the collection naturally reiterates the theme of this book, effortlessly, and is, honestly, realistic! And not just when it comes to the tender heart of Author Coare.

As readers and people, we believe the Author’s heartfelt poetic exposition does a superb job at underlining the foundation of the heart which is, love. Placid, affectionate, and soft composed poems such as “Unconditional,” “Promise,” and “High On Love” celebrate this vision, beautifully. Poems such as, “By It’s Cover,” offer hints of advice and wisdom he’s gained along the way of his journey. A part of his knowledge tells us that there are, indeed, many lessons on true love to be learned, as explained in his powerful poem, “Trust.”

Regrets, we may have. Mistakes we will make. Hearts will puncture, and without a doubt, they’ll break. Nevertheless, despite the rollercoaster, scars, and scares, Coare believes;

“There are people true, who will forever be truthful, honest, free,” “do let them in, let them be, free from fear...always there, here whenever needed, to help you grow, find you inside, the truth behind the painted smile, will show.”

We imagine him holding the key to his own freedom as he speaks these words, guiding others to their own place of peace through hope, insight, knowledge, and truth! With this, we are extremely pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and believe it is great for either soul; the one locked inside their own heart...or for the one who holds the key!

Get your copy today - and meet a real, poetic prisoner of a crimson heart, entrapped by passionate verses! Freedom is closer than what you may think!

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