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Like light peering into dim places where there is an absence of sun, in Author Oscar Kamazima's,

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Flowerchild by Oscar Kamazima

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International


It is truly amazing how some flowers, for instance, the sunflower, blossom beautifully and grow, even in rugged, wild, uncultivated terrains, despite their fragile and sensitive nature.

Author Oscar Kamazima's, 'Flowerchild,' also a highlight featured poem in this book, depicts and represents this analogy, illustrating this metaphorical philosophy in more ways than one, as he graciously plants seeds of love, hope, peace, friendship, and most of all - inspiration.

Like light peering into dim places where there is an absence of sun, a natural glow emits from the uplifting aura attached to his words, revitalizing the depleted of hope by reminding us how miraculous humans are, most of all, within ourselves, endowed with the ability to 'grow even when the land seems dead.' And in our challenging world full of conflict, we're sure there's plenty of lives who can relate.

It is difficult to choose our favorite poetic tonic in this remedial collection, as we encounter several selections throughout the book that we love, making it pretty difficult to choose!

There are some selections, brief, yet powerful, and others that resemble personal accounts of specific experiences translated into poetic language. One that gets mentally stained on our minds exterior says;

"Every aspect of you is a remnant of all that is left behind from a star

A trail of all that ever was and still is... Beauty."

His words are elegant, dreamy, and provide a sort of realistic fantasy, wrapping us in rich, silky verses as smooth as velvet and as enchanting as magic... or, 'stardust!'

In reading this book, readers see and feel a refreshing purity that helps to provide clarity, purging the heart of any mental and spiritual pollutants liable to stunt your growth such as self-doubt, confusion, and negativity. Inscribing inspiration he says;

"You may not see me coming but that's how it should be

Because then is when you will know more than I

That you're more than ready

That you are more than a star in the sky

But you are a constellation ready to lead anyone back home...."

Ironically, this poem like others included in this collection, are nameless, though in truth, require no title, as each poem speaks loud and clear for themselves.

Kamazima's intent to teach and reiterate the importance of self worth is everclear, making this book both a comforting and constructive choice for readers, especially when it comes to stressing the importance of believing in yourself and understanding your self-worth!

Stunning imagery and personified elements of nature enhance Kamazima's artistic verbal expressions, such as 'waving oceans,' 'a flowerchild,' and 'erupting night skies! He is a prolific, poetic voice that we believe, especially, appeals to a youthful audience, freely offering wisdom through edification, insight, and love.

We are happy to present Oscar Kamazima's 'Flowerchild' with a 5-star rating and admire his devout faith and compassionate, humble spirit, reflected brilliantly through the reverberation of his timeless messages and healing words.

So, whether you love keeping it positive, or may be in need of some inspiration, this book will help you see and feel the light - no matter how dark it is.

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