Social media can be quite useful for creators and poets of all sorts, but can be just as easily emot

Social I, Not by Author Doris Elaine

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Social I, Not is the first part of a poetry collection by Doris Elaine on the pitfalls, positives, and false promises of social media. It is more interesting to me than some of the other poetry based around social media because of Elaine’s truthfulness about the experience. Social I, Not is not focused on the glamour of fame and followers, but on how it affects one as an individual, what can be gained and lost from being immersed in a world of symbols and distance constantly.

Social media can be quite useful for creators and poets of all sorts, but can be just as easily emotionally straining and disconnect one from reality. This collection touches heavily on the brief, whiplash nature of modern life when consumed by technology. It’s possible in this day to rarely speak to or even see another human being face-to-face, and difficult to form any genuine connection to them. It is easy to fabricate many things about oneself, and soon you might even begin to believe it. As noted in pieces such as “Distance Dream” and “Costly Struggles”, hurt and falsehoods that are hard to repair can be born from this game of appearances.

“In determining what piece to hold and what piece to cease, More often than not you leave yourself to be forgot Missing out on life’s pleasures, Due what has been measured” -from “Costly Struggles”

This is a sensitive and thoughtful series of poems, brief and classical in style. Its core is a personal one – a saga of love, mislaid trust, redemption and finding oneself. Social I, Not is inspiring and hits a note that will be relevant with anyone. Sometimes things and people we grow close to can be our ruin.

As is the case with Elaine’s collection Not I, But I Am, in Social I, Not there are footnotes in green at the end of each poem which tell a larger story of a friendship and its falling-out.

“Although technology brings us friends In hope of obtaining true love, not fake Don’t forget the process in our words For love is not a word to be taken lightly When true love from the heart is at stake” -from “True Love’s Process”

Social I, Not is a collection which holds both delicate grace and potent strength, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. I feel there is much importance in what Elaine has to say with this book of poems, things that may seem obvious but are often lost sight of in all the chaos of today. Social I, Not is a kindhearted yet stern reminder of all the regrets that wait in future if we don’t cherish what we have in the present.

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