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More than a poet, Author Lozan Yamolky speaks with the sincere voice of a humanitarian...

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Dreamers Needed

by Author Lozan Yamolky Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

More than a poet, Author Lozan Yamolky speaks with the sincere voice of a humanitarian who cares for much more than herself in our world in her epic collection of poems, ​Dreamers Needed. With passionately expressed poetic tributes that highlight a variety of diverse topics, there is one encompassing theme we notice recurring throughout this collection that undeniably stands out above all: ​love. With plenty of hardships and challenges to go around in a single lifetime, there are also plenty of lessons to be learned. Bridges to cross. Obstacles to overcome. Pain to bear. Ships to sail. Roads to travel. Oftentimes, the journey can feel overbearing, so much, our emotions become much too heavy for us to carry alone. But - Author Yamolky, the epitome of a caring, wise soul, teaches the timeless principles of patience, selflessness, kindness, courtesy, truth, faith, and love through the beauty and power of poetry. Though there are many aspects we enjoy while reading this collection, we are sure any person who reads will appreciate the thorough combination of social, personal, political, and spiritual poems featured throughout the book. We use the first poem to introduce this book as our primary example entitled, I Am Here; a deeply emotional and moving selection that speaks not for her own self, but rather for the one who is "no longer languishing in a refugee camp," as she says with strength and courage through the voice of a refugee survivor. The tone of this poem (and many others) reverberates with boldness and commands the reader's attention. And while adversity is more than evident, we can clearly see the image of the survivor Author Yamolky vividly paints with intense, deep colors of emotion saying, "You won't find me in the abandoned towns, empty schools, playgrounds, or the collapsed hospitals of my homeland," and then, "You won't find me on a merciless rocky mountain path overflowing with women and children searching for safety under a brutal hot sun." The first-person perspective is effective and does an excellent job in awakening the reader to someone else's reality, one where the burden of persecution, displacement, and suffering was severe. Despite this, the Author is diligent in planting seeds of hope, concluding this poignant piece by informing all saying, "You won't find me where I use to belong or where I have been lost on the journey...I am here." Excelling in technical and creative categories, we believe Author Yamolky is a true quality and prestigious writer and poet who captures both the beauty and pain of life with grace, honesty, and compassion. The Author uses herself as a vessel for positive change and testifies through her poetry in touching selections such as "A Mother's Love," A Living Miracle," and one of our favorites, "Guilt Remover." Beyond inspiring, Author Yamolky instills in us the necessity and importance of visionaries and dreamers, to lead, initiate positive change, and to speak out and up about the injustices of this world. In the featured poem, "Dreamers Needed," she firmly expresses her belief that "our world today is silencing truth tellers; dumbing down children, making them conform like soldiers sent to battle, obeying even unlawful orders to commit war crimes and dehumanize hurting people who suffer the consequences of the greedy few who are destroying the planet for profit." Yet and still - she sees a silver lining, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, saying these few simple words; "dreamers will save us." The Author makes a good point, indeed! More of our favorites from this collection include, "Wounds Need Air," "Cuban Might," ""over there," is Here," and "A Statement." We are pleased to present this powerful and heroic collection of poems with a full 5-star rating and believe this book is the perfect choice for all those amped for universal change across the globe. A leader, truthsayer, and beautiful bright light to others, without a doubt, Author Lozan Yamolky is just the person to get your mind, heart, and soul moving in the right direction to step up to the plate and make a change! Superior work, Author Yamolky, and bravo!

My book (Dreamers Needed) is sold thorough me directly in Vancouver BC Canada for $20.00 or:

The publisher McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada or Black Bond Books in Maple Ridge, BC Canada or Renascence Books in New Westminster, BC Canada

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