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Despite your beliefs and background, there is something for everyone to ponder once finished reading

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Poetic Thoughts: Introspection (Volume II) by Author Joshua Psalms

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International


Some people believe in fairy tales. Some trust in magic. There are some who believe and trust in no one except for themselves, while others depend and rely on the strength of those around them to help waddle through life's hurdles, steep waters, and adversities. Lost in a big world full of strife and deception, we can easily find ourselves eagerly seeking truth, light, wisdom, and guidance to help steer us in the right direction and lead us closer to our purpose and dreams. And in Author Joshua Psalms book, Poetic Thoughts: Introspection (Volume II), he teaches that the path of righteousness and redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ is the only way. Through his own introspective poetic testimony, readers will see the pure heart of a man who cares about much more than just his own life.

With a humble and genuinely compassionate heart, Author Joshua Psalms speaks as a man transformed from the inside out, testifying to the glory of God and His amazing grace and mercy.

The Author is well-spoken and uses biblical scriptures to share the gospel and highlight important key points throughout the book. The combination of poetry, prose, and direct quotes he includes makes for a thorough and informative read while bringing awareness to the significance of having faith in God, describing Him as the answer and cure to all of our questions and problems in life. In one poem entitled, "My Testimony," he rejoices in his freedom saying, "Dead man walking, no longer, my soul's set free, I'm not a slave to the monster," who he also calls 'our enemy,' Lucifer, and the beast.

Some poems, written from a first-person perspective, communicate the evil thoughts and workings of the adversary, which can be considered unsettling and ominous by anyone! Fortunately, Psalms reminds us that powerful, priceless tools such as prayer and hope are more than useful when it comes to dealing with life and building a relationship with God. Though everyone may not be able to relate to the exact words, feelings, and experiences of the Author, it is hard to deny his knowledge of Jesus Christ and his testimony on how He has opened not only his heart but also his eyes to his Lord and Savior’s truth. Awakened, it is truth and the blood of Jesus Christ that unshackles his chains to sin. And Author Joshua Psalms invites anyone and everyone to join him; to be saved. Because though he teaches that Jesus died for our sins, He reminds us that He still lives, and loves us more than the moon and all the stars in the universe. Moreover, He knows our purpose in this world unlike man and has the power to help us find our way through life's haze as lost children. With Him, Psalms reassures us that we can withstand the strong winds of our wicked adversary. Frankly, his words are encouraging, vibrant, and serene, like a colorful rainbow painting the sky after pouring down heaven’s rain. The thought of a haven for humanity in a cold, harsh world is undeniably refreshing.

So, despite your beliefs and background, there is something for everyone to ponder once finished reading this book. Truth. Redemption. Eternal life. Is there only one way? Read Author Joseph Psalms spiritually enlightening collection of poems, Poetic Thoughts: Introspection (Volume II), to delve beyond reality as we know it and ask yourself, "What do I believe?" We are happy to present this book with a 5-star rating and believe the Author did an outstanding job in sharing his perspective on the struggles of sin and finding victory in God and Jesus Christ. Superior work!


This book is available for purchase on Barnes & Nobles

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