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"It is very apparent that many heartfelt efforts went into this book; the author bares their he

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A Review of Lone Wolf by Kyle Coare

Heaven Smith (H.J) - Realistic Poetry International


This narrative collection starts with a tender and transparent ‘Dedication’ passage, which sets a tone that then continues throughout the rest of the book. It is divided into sections that read like chapters without ever losing direction or poetic flare.

It is very apparent that many heartfelt efforts went into this book; the author bares their heart on their sleeve. Thus, we do believe that many reader’s hearts will be equally captivated – just as much as ours were.

Although Kyle Coare has several published titles to date, we note that the style of writing which is seen within Lone Wolf seems quite unique and refreshing. Collections like these are a rare breed, and we recommend adding this one to your shelves as soon as possible! – no pun intended.

The personification of human emotions – such as love and terror – as told from the perspective of an animal itself is not often seen amongst fictional literature. The wealth of action within this book would be particularly enjoyable for fans of Suspense and Thriller genres. Its poetic rhythms in narrative style would, perhaps, also appeal to lovers of classic poetry. Thus, we are proud to say that Kyle Coare is an endearingly talented author and that Lone Wolf is an exquisite thrill to read.

In honesty, those who do not frequent the aforementioned blends of genres may find that the style or formatting of this book is slightly challenging to read and that some sections among the interplay may appear to be difficult to follow – although, in turn, those who also like expansive challenges would absolutely enjoy this to the fullest.

Overall, we at Realistic Poetry International are in love with this; however, due to the gamble among the audience’s ability to follow along, we recognize that Lone Wolf may be something of an acquired taste – Thus, we give Lone Wolf 4 out of 5 stars for a rating, at this time.

We do encourage all reading circles to give this book a try and do thank Kyle, tremendously, for allowing us to view it. Furthermore, we are enticed and excited to view more of Kyle’s work and we encourage audiences to do the same, as well.

Similar advice is written very beautifully within the collection itself; titled “Prologue”:

“ Prolong the prologue, the prelude can go on

await the right moment, find the words to your song

no need to rush, let the feelings wash you deep “ [sic]


This book is available for purchase on

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