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Are you looking for a new, exciting collection of children's books?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Make this classic collection a family or bedtime favorite!

What child doesn't enjoy a fun and exciting adventure? Well, In Author Jacqueline Mead's classic collection of children's stories she knows all about them, creating a world where kids will truly experience the wonder of using their imagination as they read, discover, explore, learn, and have fun with two princes and a princess!!!

The Art of Poetry and storytelling collide in this well-crafted collection, presenting full, complete stories with rhyme and rhythm, vibrant and animated illustrations, plus fun, informative, and educational facts to challenge knowledge and creativity.

Familiar with Author Jacqueline Mead's work, we recommend this collection to parents, as it is a great choice for family time, or makes the perfect bedtime favorite! And children will certainly be inspired to use their own imagination in positive, creative, and innovative ways!

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Twitter: @Jackiem158

Facebook Blog: @jackiemspoetrypage

Instagram: @jackiespoetrypage

Two Princes and A Princess Fly to the Moon

Two Princes and A Princess Visit the Wild Wild West

Two Princes and A Princess Visit Lapland

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