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Poetry helps cancer patients.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

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Poetry Power: Cancer Healing Through Writing Passion

Linda was determined to fight off the defining characteristics of lung cancer. This ailment doesn't have to become a patient's identity. However, mesothelioma and other cancers can quickly consume a patient's mind and body.

With the passing of National Poetry Month, and National Mental Health Awareness Month coming to a close, it's important to look at the alternative ways that people deal with terminal cancer. Writing happens to be one outlet that's quickly becoming a valuable tool. Explore the benefits of writing and how a patient's cancer symptoms can be overcome with this simple distraction.

A Guided Meditation

Writing is an art form that offers a unique way to get emotions out in the open. Many therapists encourage writing in their patients' lives because of the therapeutic effects. The writing can be performed at home or through a therapy session.

Psychiatrists might ask the cancer patient to write about a certain emotion, situation or concern. For many people, putting the emotions down on paper makes them tangible. Talking about them is easier as a result.

Discovering Innermost Emotions

Cancer patients are strong individuals. They report that they're "fine" as loved ones and medical professionals ask about their feelings. Terminal cancer or mesothelioma are difficult diagnoses to deal with as human beings.

Creating a poem or even free writing sentences might reveal a patient's true emotions. Dealing with pain, fear and other emotions is healthy for cancer patients. Suppressing the feelings won't make the situation any better than before.

Group-Centered Work

An alternative way for patients to deal with their ailments is working in a group environment. Patients come together in small groups. They're given a subject, such as a summer memory, and the patients write about the topic.

Sharing the experiences with the group is a therapeutic session. These memories are complex. They help others realize the extent of their emotions as each person reads the story out loud.

Immunity Boost for Cancer Patients

Current studies suggest that cancer recovery and writing are related by an immunity boost. The body responds on a physiological level as patients continue to write stories, poems and essays.

The immunity boost comes from the lymphatic system and white blood cells. Cancer patients seem to improve faster during their recovery when they participate in writing sessions.

Patients can find their voices in writing during Mental Health Awareness Month. Consider a haiku or other poetic form to express those feelings. Lung cancer is a serious matter, but patients have physical and mental options to pull themselves through the tough times.

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