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Congratulations, Ken Allan Dronsfield, for winning in this year's Nature Poetry Contest!

New Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to our new monthly contest winner, Ken Allan Dronsfield, with his winning poem, Sonnet 17, Quiet Time, in this year’s 2019 Nature Contest! With a keen eye for nature, this is one poet who truly appreciates the beauty and magic of its wonder, placing us right in the middle of one of the most picturesque settings!

We are glad to recognize Ken for his talent, passion, and ingenuity in painting a captivating snapshot of nature’s glory and appreciate all the amazing poets who participated in this contest!

We hope you all continue to pursue your passion for poetry and remain inspired to use your words to share your perspective and views on life and the world.

We delight in recognizing and awarding poets from all over the globe so don’t forget to enter our latest contest for a chance to win cash and a moment in the spotlight!

Please help us in congratulating our latest poetry contest winner, Ken Allan Dronsfield, with his winning poem, Sonnet 17, Quiet Time! Great job, Ken!

Read the winning poem below.


Sonnet 17, Quiet Time

Wing beats of ducks echo across the pond;

stirring passions as summer fades away.

Warmth of the sun once greeted my morning.

Now, crispy mists are here to start my day.

Trees blossom with colorful leaves of Fall,

we watch them all slowly soar down to earth;

squirrels scurry along the old stone wall;

stash acorns for food during winter's mirth.

Looking to the west I see wood smoke rise;

from cabins that dot the hills and far shore.

Winds carry geese flying south in the skies.

Birds at the feeder eating seeds galore

Cherished memories found within a rhyme.

Autumn ​owns​ the clock, it's now Quiet Time.


Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about the winning poem!

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