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Congratulations on winning the Realistic Poetry International monthly contest in April!

Dear Poet P.J Smith,

Congratulations on winning the Realistic Poetry International monthly contest in April with your remarkable poem "Poetry Forever" submitted on our website Your words have struck a chord with our judges.

We are thrilled to showcase your talent on our platform, and we hope this achievement motivates you to keep creating beautiful poetry. Your contribution to the art of poetry is invaluable, and we are grateful to have you as a member of our community.

To other poets out there, we encourage you to submit your poetry on our website today. We are always eager to showcase new and emerging voices in the poetry world and provide a platform for poets to share their stories and perspectives with a wider audience.

Again, congratulations, Poet P.J Smith, and we look forward to reading more of your inspiring poetry.

Best regards,

The Realistic Poetry International Team.


Read The Winning Poem!

Poetry Forever by P.J Smith

Poetry is the language of the heart,

It speaks what we feel but cannot impart,

Simple words it renders magical art,

In its beauty we find a brand new start.

From Shakespeare to Neruda, we see,

Great minds that shaped history,

Their poems ignite creativity,

And inspire us to write poetry.

The rhythm of poetry is like music,

A symphony that is purely classic,

It echoes emotions that are so tragic,

And infuses us with energy, fantastic!

Poetry is a window to the soul,

A path to traverse to reach our goal,

It lifts us up when we feel low,

And sets us free when we feel alone.

It's a timeless art that will never fade,

A captivating world that will never evade,

It's a reflection of life, subtle and great,

A legacy that we'll always celebrate.

Poetry forever will remain,

A beacon of hope in times of strain,

A comfort when we're in pain,

A testament to our human refrain.

So let us write, share and create

With pen and paper, let's elevate,

Let our voices echo and resonate,

Poetry forever, our eternal mate!


Don't miss your chance to win!

The rules are simple this month. We're looking for poems about nature!

Submit your poem about nature today!

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