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Connect with this inspiring poet! Saskia Griffith

My name is Saskia Griffith and I'm 24 years old, I live in Guyana and writing

is my absolute passion. I write lyrics, poetry, fanfiction, and quotes. My

dream is to become a published writer one day, but the publishing fees are

way beyond my pocket.I won the realistic poetry international, "variation

of love" best love quote where I was awarded with 50USD, a trophy and

certificate, later on in that same year I made it to the semi finals of the

international songwriting contest and last year I was awarded a commended,

highly commended, special mention and participant certificates for the

United Kingdom songwriting contest. Even though, it's difficult for me to live

my dream at the moment, I am living by my own quote; " never give up on

your dreams, no matter how long it takes you, you will get there one day".

Facebook: Saskia Griffith

Twitter: 'Poeticsoul


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